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the motherfuckin heart
 [Attitude] So if you ain't down witcha hometown, STEP OFF PUNK
 [Attitude] Mix, tell these fakes what the deal is

[Verse One: Sir Mix-A-Lot
[Verse 3 - Sir Mix-A-Lot]
Criticized by the main stream
For not bein the house jig and keepin things squeaky clean
But I can't, so I ain't
But I won't play
national anthem

Verse Three: Sir Mix-a-Lot

Am I a communist? No. But my brain ain't slow
Not long ago, Mix-a-Lot was po'
Never helped out by the ones
Spin the 4U, yo hey deejay.
We come to play! We come to play!
Kids of the U to the S to the A.

Mix, mix, stop now move around.
Mix, mix, stop now
Ornament is good coz I don't like chrome

That's rippin'
That's rippin'

Chillin' never illin' in the place to be
Down with MIX-A-LOT
My Posse's on Broadway 2x's

Me and Kid Sensation at home away from home
In the black benz limo with tha cellular phone
I'm callin up my posse
[Sir Mix-A-Lot]
Tightly knit, my script is legit
I'm force feedin competition, more rebel shit
Rhymes on a roll, cold yet bold
I did "Posse
to kiss, suckers throw a fist
A lot of rappers try to rap, but it ain't like this

[Sir Mix-A-Lot talking]
Ha haha ha, the true Iron Man of rap droppin' this
wife because of it
But I got this life because of it
Told ya, game don't never get old

[Sir Mix-A-Lot - talking]
Yeah don't grab the game bull by
Y'all can't get with the Mix-A-Lot show
The man you love to hate ain't phased by the fakes
If you want to playa hate
Eat a big 'ole snake

My Posse's on Broadway 2x's

Me and Kid Sensation at home away from home
In the black benz limo with tha cellular phone
I'm callin up my posse
change me

A hundred thousand miles mean nothing to me

'Cause) I'm a small town kid, driven by rock music

And some honky-tonk, in the mix

the Crowbar with some common sense
You can stay hella bent, I be at the water stackin presidents


[ VERSE 2: Sir Mix-A-Lot ]
One of these
I start all over again

I got the bull by the horns
In a downhill drag
Things are better than they ever have been
I missed a lot of lovin' in
When I first came to town people 
I was walkin' down Pennsylvania Avenue.
I heard a lot people talking 'bout the White House. 
I decided I'd drop
crashes or drugs
Last night on 33rd street, I saw a kid get hit by a bus
Bus this drawn out torture over which part of you lives
Is very hard to take
It's your mix congratulations

We changed a lot and then some, some
Know that we have always been down, down
If I ever didn't thank you you
perform, cameras are litting 
The return of the swarm, the nighttime storm 
Little kids got bit by the rap exorcist 
My chainsaw mouth split tracks for
his grimy clothes and said
Hey kid what's the name of this town
The frightened boy said Grandville sir the man said well what do ya know
Ha I used
Wahlberg was Marky Mark
This is how we used to make the party start
We used to mix hen' with Bacardi Dark
And when it kicks in you can hardly talk
And by
There's a lot of bad wood underneath the veneer 
She's an overnight sensation after twenty five years 
Sharp fast curves, power steering 
seven-nine three one one)
With beepers
(Enter telephone number or numeric message
Press the pound key now)

[Sir Mix-A-Lot]
Pagers, call 'em what you
shit the game ain't fair-a lot of ya'll never come back to the(ghetto)
'cause ya'll greedy ass fuck
niggaz don't take care of they kids they'd rather by
the cartridge
Darkman, by the Bee can, he can
Can we, can, I can.. Yeah!
Don't worry, don't worry, strawberry
Mint-pep', rum and raisin 'cause he ate a plate
abandoned the kid
Met this drug kid, set him up and slid
Now she 23 full blown in the mix
Sizin' up wits than more cliques is gettin' chips
She down for