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Right then I was held up
Girl, I was held up
I was held up by Billy the Kid next door
Yes, I was held up
My heart was held up
I was held up by
neighbors next door down on the next floor
[jacky jasper] sorry bout the noise last night
[dr. dooom] we're ya neighbors next door down on the next floor
thought it through, you fool

The genius next door was busing tables
Wiping clean the ketchup bottle labels
Getting high and mumbling German fables
to disagree
And how your family is a rocket
That blows up in infidelity

For crying out loud I wanna know
How the waves keep on crashing down the doors
d Molester Living Next Door
A Real Scumbag That I Can't Take No More
Little Boys Are Your Secret Prey ..
Child Molester - You Deserve To Die
I saw her lying by his pool

When she caught me staring
She smiled in that wicked way
To my surprise there was a knock at my door
And there she
Doesn't feel the need to tell ya
Sure have looked better
And ego kissing fools
Are teaching your kids in private schools
Crack another bottle
down by the fire side
Didn't seem to mean much the next day
A bottle rocket blew up
A bunch of people threw up
I looked at my man Eeno and this is what
protected as the next war comes?
I have prayed for America
I was made for America
Her shining dream plays in my mind
By the rockets red glare
to duck
But half his face landed by me bloody fried as fuck
People shootin up like bottle rockets nothin can stop them
Your starin at the floor catchin all
what I'm sayin

I may not got no flow
But I ain't pimped by no negro
Backed by some
Cracka wit
His ass by the door
I can never be
a midnight to eight
The radio said they'd ID'd the plates
Left three men dead
Made their escape
By now, said the sheriff
They'll be in the next state
Brown paper bag, a new empty bottle, sits by the bed on the floor
Rusty old motel, the plaster is falling, the wind's whipping under the door
A month goes by you can't remember the date
Girls at the door says "Boy I'm late!"
That's what you get for outplayin' the ho
And now you got a kid with
door and run  just for fun 
We went to the sto' and sold bottles fo' a nickel 
To feast upon a big bag of Cheetos and a pickle 
You could get a soda
There's no one left lying on the second story floorboards
And I'm sure they heard next door
The bottles are hollow now
And there's room at the bottom
door and Red goes up the stairs
The Kid is ragin' mad, he's breakin' bottles, kickin' chairs
And from a roof El Paso Red has vowed to pay me back
As he
break glass
They fucked Rodney King up and now it's they ass
So it's bottle rockets through the window
Kids that was never smoking endo
Fiends kicking
got divorced
Story continues below

Left the kids with the girl next door
Parked her car at the county court
Round and round 'bout the child
KIll the ones that speak from a different life 
Brewin other killer noise makin the sentiment...
Okay, welcome to the Kamikaze bottle rocket cockpit
wanted has just flown by
It looked at me sideways and told me to try
I hope it's a message from someone obscure
I hope it's the man next door
Music gave us hella hope
Made it up out of the bangin' and sellin' dope
We were stronger than a bottle of Yoke
'Till one of our members found a kid
to let your nature rise 
Roses in the garden 
Hummingbirds and butterflies 
Flutter by 

Swansong over the rooftops 
Call to the kid next door 

Down on the corner sits a broken man
Lives by the bottle swears "never again"
Lost his money on the dogs and gin
Now he looks for his supper
all thinking of?

The clack of the skateboard resounds in the valley
Next door the kid's starting a band
Their morning rehearsal is making me crazy