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out his hands
If the beat ain't slammin and the deejay ain't def
I snatch the needle up off the record and send somebody to get Jeff
(Ah yeah!) when
to kick our lines
No trouble at the party cause we're strapped with nines
Dance floor secure, don't bother tryin to get out
You looking for the late AM
You can't dig this then man you need a _____
Where's the jam I search like (I'm gonna?)

Find the party kick it like thunder
Back in the day they
They live and die by images so lets exploit back 
Flip and reverse it watch the audience attack 
They've got the power, we've got the paint 
We're fools to the rules of a Goverment plan
Kick out the style ! Bring back the jam !
Bring back the jam !

My flame is heart, My baby do
keep on and
Rock the house!

Now I kick a lyric live, rip rockin rhymes
A line on time, a fine design
All the girls, look my way
All on mines
We're fools to the rules of a government plan
Kick out the style! Bring back the jam!
Bring back the jam!

My flame is heart, My baby do as she
Jean Michel
Surrounded by Warhols
My whole team ball
Twin Bugattis outside the Art Basel
I just wanna live life colossal
Leonardo Da Vinci flows
I'm a hip-hop gangster and my name is Todd
Just stimulated by the beat, bust out the rhyme
Get fresh batteries if it won't rewind
'Cause I play
your mind, one time
Yo, whatever
One time for your mind, one time
Aiyyo Nas
Whattup Paul?
Kick that fuckin' rhyme

Check it out
When I'm
Yo biz, let's send this out to the Propmaster Cool DJ Red Alert
Bring the beat in, Todd
Yeah, this is how we're doing it for the '93, we're
the grasshop
The true cool is black, the new school is fat
The beats by the ounce, the funk by the pack
The hanging off the butts with the fat sole kicks
jam he play they pay I'm in da day
I don't think we gonna miss 'I'm we don't need 'I'm anyway

Can I kick it
Who the hell is on the radio
Or who's
gon' get it by any means
How unfortunate, January the sixth
Federal officers, raided our offices
Making it hard for us to eat, and breathe, and live
Archie Shepp
For staying true to inspiration and I don't half step
So I kick out the jams and tell you who I am
And I talk to the people like Les McCann
So let's kick this party from dead to live
Shoot it on up like a Colt .45
MC Delite, if you're number one
Bust a cap in the crowd with your
Archie Shepp
For staying true to inspiration and I don't half step
So I kick out the jams and tell you who I am
And I talk to the people like Les McCann
live and direct without further adieu
I bring to you Redman one more time
This is Jeff Stewart and you know how I do it god damn!

So who's that
out and love it, sort of chilly,
Then I send a shorty from my block to the store for phillies.
After being blessed by the herb's essence
I'm back to my
kick that fuckin rhyme

Verse One: Nas
Check it out
When I'm chillin, I grab the buddha, get my crew to buy beers
And watch a flick, illin and root
of flavors, my kick game is major 
More kicks than the players, call me up I'm scorin' 
Hit it like a free throw, tongue out like I'm Jordan 
Smiley, Miley,
I hope he understand
You wanna live out your fantasies
Out with another man
Flakin' on your girlfriends
Gettin' lost on carol Anne
And pull
when I'm hit by the laser beams 

Ladies fiend  rappers are choosin up teams 

So who could beat up  just before we meet up 

Before I kick
Here we go
George george george of the jungle watch out for that tree
Or if you're an emcee watch out for me and my man Jazzy
Ahh just hitting it
The ones that stood by me like soldiers
You were there

I know you love me

But I'm still waiting for the Lord to come hug me
Send a sign or somethin'