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featuring Keith Sweat  R.O.C. 

[JD talking to R.O.C.] 


I'm feelin' that 2x  is you wit' me? 

I'm the type you see
I told James Brown stop smokin angel dust and the pis-tal

He wanted to go up to the Olive Garden and start a restaurant brawl
"Mary J. Blige, my
condoms humpin on Ampex
My number 2-7-5-49-69 disconnected
My first black robot, 
space connected while you listen to Keith Sweat (meow)
Your brain is
dope as it get
Twisted but you ain't Keith Sweat and shit got hot
Make a block then make a circle then I rock that spot
The rappin' don, I make a dyke
Keith Sweat and shit got hot
Make a block then make a circle then I rock that spot

The rappin' Don, I make a dyke go straight
If you think I'm cute then
Let it fly, betty-bye if you're ready to die
Kickin' your ass and you can ask Keith Sweat why
I make your Benz seem obsolete G
Rippin' your ass
Little spunk poofy rappers like Anthony en Dennis.
Let me help to make you famous, jissis but you rap cock.
When you rap you actually sound like you're
[Kool Keith]
Yeah man, I just got home man... yeah
I was on tour with Prince and them
I did 32 shows with James Brown
Madonna just got home too, we
Good news, I got eye witness
Due in a hip lift, dead into my phenomenon
Dazed with the quickness
Sweat, one sweat, two sweat, three
don't worry we don't need em
A couple hours in the session we done been
Through bout four CDs (about four CDs)
Keith Sweat, Mary J, Brian McKnight,
as it gets, I swear y'all just wasting y'all breath
I’m the light skinned Keith Sweat, I'mma make it last forever
It’s not your turn ‘cause I ain't done
in effect, like Keith don't Sweat
Don't need to break necks just to gets my respect
I stay smooth, until you try to get on my rough side
(what side)
ya'll just wastin' ya'll breath,
I'm the light skinned Keith Sweat,
I'm a make it last forever,
It's not your time 'cause I ain't done yet,
Look, just
now I'm on your dial
Your deck, your straight table, and oh yeah, your mind
Even physically consider me the sweat on your nose
The tone in your
My people!
My people!

The foundation of the United States
Rests on the sweat of my people
Every enemy of the USA
Has had to face
to him?
Word, nah, he's cool with me, he's cool with me
Oh, he loves you

Honey, open up a bottle of brandy
Better yet, have a piece of Cool J candy
E-Swift test the rocket launcher, let's blow up the spot, 
Show 'em what we got for the ninety-flow shot. 
I'm the, brown bomber droppin' verbal scuds,