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over that mic

[Chorus x2]
Who am I? [2nd: What is this?]
One of a kind
Send em' one at time
You're all the same
Only separate by kick snares and names
Snare well hidden for the litter mate.
Evaded all but one, one by one.

Eleven little litter mates
Only Number Nine's not in sight
simple, the truth like no lies
No god, I know why
I make it clear, there's no reason for your life
And I make it ahead, see me speeding and blow by
a hand 
Save me from eternity caught in the grip of 
The Butterfly Man' 

He waits in the dark for the scent of anger or hate 
He hides behind
on a roller coaster, no fun fair
You had me on the phone, but hate me when I come there
Xaphoon, let's cut it down to a drum snare
Yeah, yeah, just like that
it, our
Career would be over. I'd written another song that we played on stage
Quite a lot. It was called You really got me. And the audiences loved
trying to ace it
Pissin on this shitty pavement, beef is snare
Cock back scream what, then face it
Real niggas make it, while bitch niggas fake it
traits to create my hate
And I can't wait to retaliate cause they can't fade
Frustration, just bullshit around me
I show no mercy, I become blood
I wasn't sleepin' I was creepin' slidin' hidin'
I would love the girl behind me roll up a fat time
Thinkin' mentally sinkin'
Man that first verse ain't fill me up, it's like I gotta take worm
I'm eatin lettuce and ? nuggets and just ? that take turn
It's that flake that hate
but it called me back
Forget my pride shit I even quit my job
For the one that I love to work music
Recognized by my art that I spill in my game
And I rock this till I'm grey and old
And I've got you with me so let's roll

Like a used steelo pad that's sitting in my hand
Man it still feels