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Philadelphia, D.C.
Shaten, K.C.
be	 More and Cadillac
St. Louis is on the map
Come on


Manifest agrees, 360 of these
The whole Earth manifests seven
O.B.H.C, K.O.B,
Most hated, reckless con club, the wolf pack,
Soul assassins, zombie wrecking fucking crew,
The transplants.....
To all the people who've
stage on fire and watch the wet boys run threw it
See Reggie be bustin' heads, Gansta bout busting heads,
K.C. be bustin' heads, Juvey be sucking heads
you hot?
Are you hot? Are you hot?
Are you hot? Are you hot?
Are you hot? I feel ambitious

The ideal copy is
See I A D N A see K G be
The ideal
of that dope fo' sho' it's bout to go
Niggaz graduated from sellin' dope to snortin' dope
Gangsta be bustin' heads
Lil Reggie be bustin' heads
K.C., he
for your Turkish chain, C.K. B.K
Blue'd up or flame, I ran wit a gang
I helped niggas get, jacked for they Dana Dane's
My pants hang below my waistline
The only Rock I know is B.I.G., wakin' up and I double
G-H, wit that nigga are-you-see-K
Better be ready to be jetty if you petty
'cause if it
like the lights off a 929 with deep dishes
Chromed on ass ?suaving? the cap misses
Understand me - the see to the H to the Z-N-O the see-K be the way
niggaz get left flat, like a flat rat in the street
Abunch of young head spliters, like K.C. and B.G.
Fuck the police, cause we spray them too
Pop the cop