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he'll slow down take a look
I've learned to read them just like books
And it's already half past ten
But they'll be back again
Headlights in the rainy
of threes So getting ran up on the block by a group of Dee's
I've been shot three movies, my deal comin soon I'm past sellin crack I got pills comin soon
and simple) 
Write it in your book, kid 
Dear, dear diary...check it out 

Yo Rob Swift! (Rob Swift gets business) x4 

All you got to do is just set it 
You're lookin' at her from the rear [Yeah]
She looks just like Vanessa [The right stuff]
Uh uh, not Vanessa with the singer career, 
But the X-rated
taken a toll
Break and roll very gently down to the waterfront
Maybe ten feet away
My 500 stallions have sent me to stay for a purpose
To observe just
Makin it x-rated drinkin Allizey and gettin high
I fin to get next to you baby and flex with you
Body chemistry tellin me to have sex with you
If I can't get no motherfucking satisfaction
We don't snatch kids, here we go nicknapping
Tell ya in plain English, not in Pig Latin
My enemies just
the graveyard waiting for the dope man to show up
Ten minuets pasts, and there's still no sign
Just then off in the night, I see some headlights
A car rolls by
a baby boy by the name of Jake
And I been tryin' to play the cowboy to rustle in the dough
When I think I'm getting' better every passin' day
I'm not
loud that he headlights blink on and off 

I laugh when people watch I don't stop I shine 

It's attractive to motherfuckers that love to grind 

long haul leverage picket.
Out built auto-bricklayers with ten guerrilla digits.
A the Don Darko bark O beautiful piranha gossip, cobwebs on the Kafka.
for ten to my closest friends
Rolling back to H-towm big body Benz
[7] - Houston Texas cowboy wit a dime and a fiesta saddle
And I'm moving