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savage that curse queens 
I'm something from his worst dreams 

First we handling first things, I'm subsurface unseen 
Grat'll hold planet by purse
you found me
In brooklyn tec with just an incidaite? Free ??
Always catch me with Juju and Rubic and even truer kids
Dollar van ??, john bow running,
delivery, married at the paramount
I just coughed up a fair amount
Of niggas might air it out
Judge a book by cover so we never educated
It ain't about
are not paying to play your record is dead
Puts a whole new spin on Radiohead
They gotta 1000 plays a week
We selling the same units
They put their
the flashback fades
door opens she flies out steam invades
great, just hangin, twiddle thumbs to an old Friends
thinking bout when we were good like Radiohead
I'm like a Bat Out of Hell, being pulled by Black Stallions.
Waiting for Metallica to make another Black Album.
Created a stone age cage, I'm fenced