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the days, you got your grind on.
smokin that weed, drinkin that brew,
you like the lowrider? I like the lowrider too!

caddy hop baby, caddy hop (3
on the operating table
Praying for Canibus to slice you from head to navel
You banned from TV, banned from CD's
Banned from DVD's and downloadable MP3s
Singin' in the dark
"Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch, that saved a wretch like me"

Had your day in sixty-three
Kissed a girl by
Sometimes mysterious and hard to understand
I am humbled by Your grace and everything You do
Hey God, hey God, I just wanna thank You

And hey God,
Hope in you and me


There are countless millions just like Grace
Who need a merciful embrace
They won't believe our God is real
the day that Babylon shall fall

Just like Jack, the Ripper he'll do you up a kipper
He's like a highway man holdin' up a Newport nipper
He's smarter
One, Two
One, Two, Three, Four

So put it up on your face, Hallelujah
And these days will all go by
Anything I can do to help you through it
I just
from the chill
And by the grace of God
We will be in Massachusetts

You can tell me about the times you spent
In the Rockies and on the plains
Every day on the third or fourth page
There you was quite the rage

Somehow you was all kinda cheap 'n wrong
Just like in a lotta small towns
from the sun reflect on my tooth
And I make - DVD's light up in my coupe
I think I feel I know I make money, how bout you?


[Verse Three]
that it?s done

You might not realize when it comes
And only overcome it by the grace of the son
Just try to stand your ground take it head on
found my soul mate finally
But one day I found out she actually owned a copy
Of Joe dirt on DVD

Oh, no! I said
Hey! Are we lobbing hand grenades, kiddo?
The sun is shinin' new for me and you.
On any other day, I would just go crazy,
The grace is knowing that you're gonna save me,
Baby luck
And momma used to say
One day, it's gon' burn you out
One day, it's gon' burn you out, out
One day, it's gon' burn you out
One day, it's gon' burn you
forget to put anything in
The longer you dwell
The more it's like hell
You sit by the well
Just making a wish
It would be a shame
To take too much
for my homies, Pat and DJ Screw
R.I.P. dawg cause I really miss you
Boy I'ma stay true, until the day I fall
East coast and West coast, this is how we
up with a silver string
Delivered by a fast train rearranging how I think
He said "I can't believe you even know that I exist,
I've got all of your
Sixteen of June, nine-oh-five, door bell rings
Man at the door says if I want to stay alive a bit longer
There's three things I need you to know
cop her, a 2000 and 3
Make her smile, when she sees Spre's
I can get you on cd's, and DVD's
Take you to BB's, and PCBG
I can get you in the places,
a overnight celebrity
Know what I'm saying, come on

Why don't we, play something these hoes'd like
Drive whips, I know they like
Twista, you told her right
You must have been like as You visited this place
God come to earth as man to save us all

But I, I'm longing for the day
When my mysteries of You will
I'm an island
Everyone can see that I'm an island
I've got ocean just about everywhere that I can see
And I'll be stranded unless you come to me
back in the day
My rhyming's iron height, defiant flight
Try and bite, like a razor in a candy apple
A taser and a jammy tackle
By a neighbor with
the prisoner
Lifting up the lowly
By your fruits

May you shine on us
May you shine on us
Shine on us
Oh shine on us

That's why grace is so amazing
One day, far away, you gently won my heart
And one night, by candlelight, we made a vow to never part
And then it seemed just like a dream
When wide