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When my friend William was five years old
He wanted a doll, to hug and hold
"A doll," said William, "is what I need
To wash and clean, and dress
settle down and steal each other's songs

I found a wounded brother
Drinkin' bitterly away the afternoon
And soon enough he turned on me
Like he
most men were awake 
Sweet William said he was troubled in his head 
From a dream he had last night 

He called his weary waiting maids 
By one, by
I ain't gonna call Hank Williams Junior Junior anymore
Even though I know what all his daddy done before
Hank weighs close to 200 pounds and he
I ain't gonna call Hank Williams Jr Jr anymore
Even though I know what all his daddy done before
Hank weighs close to two hundred pounds and he
(Just let me go, ah ah I'm going to care)

Why don't you be a Jones like your Sister and your brother Noel
When are you gonna be a Jones your just like
is Sweet William now

Aw, play it boys

Aw, yeah!
I likes that, yeah ("Yeah," say I)

Ah, why-well, Big Bad Bill don't fight anymore (No, he
As we rode out to Fennario, as we rode on to Fennario
Our captain fell in love with a lady like a dove
And called her by a name, pretty Peggy-O.
time I saw William, he was a man on the run
He said

It's better to fly than to hold on to shaky ground
It's better to let the feelings die, when
let those two walk by"

They would lay their arms down for her
They would forgive his brother's crime
Just for one moment they would 
Let them pass
Bill the Kid, had just rode into town
And if he could take him, he would be the fastest gun around

He was just a kid of seventeen but he had a lightin'
A postcard of Byron by the bed
It's a reminder of every word that he said
To die in the arms of a twenty year old
A figure of porcelain with moves
Champagne, walk out again
Come back and borrow the ink
I live most expensive
Like Tom Lipton I'm in the swim
He's got so much 'oof', he sleeps on the roof
bight and strong
They carried William Deacon's body down from old Green Mountain yesterday
He was crashed by a rollin' grabble truck when he stepped out
And gettin' neutered by the vet
He got his paws caught in a net
Then he said to be or not to meeeow!
William Shakespeare's in my cat
He rarely ever talks
old country songs

Like old Hank Williams when he'd sing about lonesome

And Hag about misery and gin

If the jukebox would play Patsy's 'Crazy'

He said, "Who snitched?"

Yo, how did he go out?
He went out like a bitch!
So ladies
We ain't just talkin' bout you
Cause some of you niggas
the lonesome wind
Calls out just like it knows me
And on a night like this
When I don't know where to go, he shows me the way

He knows me, my brother wind
Tomorrow comes another hundred thousand times
Practicing perfect dying
But he can't be saved, he likes the pain too much to be denied
And I
And he said dear brother I'm in a bind.
But the brother would not hear his tale,
He said Old Daniel's gonna land in jail.
So to his father Daniel did
Walking sideways through the door

Was the same at school
He played the fool
Or took a back seat
While Simon ruled

He played by himself
the neighborhood bully.

What's anybody indebted to him for?
Nothing, they say. He just likes to cause war
Pride and prejudice and superstition indeed
They wait
can this be?"
"What's the strange thing here I see?"
"From where come leaves like these?"

Sequoia turned to his father's eyes
And he said, "Father
He was standin' by the highway
With a sign that just said "mother"
When he heard a driver comin'
'Bout a half a mile away
Then he held the sign
Well, it looked like everybody felt just about as bad as I did
Everybody started drift off to home
Me and my brother did too

Then a few weeks later, I