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galla-gallon of that Henny
Mix it with that crunk juice will have a nigga spinnin'
Like that

The blow, the pills, the yak, the herb
The blow, the pills
like I'm UGK
Asshole by nature like my name was Trae
And I don't gang-bang, I patrol the game
And what I'm representing here is putting holes in
Well he lit you up
Like amber waves in his movie show
He fixed you up real good
Till I don't know you anymore
From ballet class to a lap dance
take a sleeping pill and feel a little less pain

You're just sitting in the sun watching the boats roll by
Boats chained to the pier
In the window
I wanted to end up with more now
I should have just stayed in bed like I know how

So I failed on the DVD
But I still had to get the money
They say Proof just flipped out, homie just whipped out and bust
Nah, it ain't like Doody to do that,
He wouldn't fuckin' shoot at, nobody, he'd fight
Look girl you sexy as you want to be
But you just a want to be
I can't help ya
I don't love ya
I just met ya I might shove ya
Will I plug ya
or twice but who's countin'
But nothing compares
To these blue and yellow purple pills

Cool, calm, just like my mom
With a couple of Valium inside her
it's just what I do
I am woman

Not saying move over, I'm just here to help
That's what God made me for, you ain't gotta build by yourself
You got
on the planet
Had a body hotter than a habanjero
She had lips like a ripe pomegranate

And I was crazy like Manson about her
She got me all choked up like Mama
a dollar, pop a bottle pop a pill
If you about the dollar bill that'll make ya swallow steel
Just because I got a deal, that doesn't mean I'm not for real
mountain, once or twice but who's countin'
But nothin' compares to these blue and yellow purple pills

Yo, yo
Cool, calm, just like my mom
With a couple
gonna break up. 
Just so you know, I'm not takin' this so well, now that I'm alone I've had time to:
(Chorus)Cuss you out in Japanese, organize my DVDs
that ooh ahh sound
I'ma push up on ya slow
Get ya right by the end of the night
Do something sweet 
Like massage ya feet
And put Pretty Ricky cd
Stand by

Evil comes and evil goes

Mr. & Mrs. Bottomless Pit
Mr. & Mrs. Bottomless Pit
Mr. & Mrs. Bottomless Pit

Pill-krazed and wild junkie, sin
sport T-shirts, kakhi's and all stars.
I like regular people, not stars...
I don't play areas, just bars.

I don't act funny, I don't act funny,
Like a bitter pill that ya have to take 
I'm beggin' you baby, you say it's too late 
For goodness sakes please give me a break 
Just a little more
never know
Got me down on my bendin' knee
Weepin' and bendin' like a willow tree

I'm not lyin' it's not a fake
You can tell by the look on my face
She's on the highest dose of Prozac a woman can take,
She's likes to pop her pain pills with every little ache,
She's got a Tennessee mountain point
love's so strong

Like a pill I take it, I take it, I take it
Like a pill, your love, I take it
I take it, I take it
Like a pill, your love, I take
mind like a DVD movie's frame
Words don't come easy I know, Y... don't come over
I'm just about to tell your love that I'm feeling it

[Bridge & Chorus]
This is (Hell)
This is (Hell)
This is (Hell)
This is

Hell, incest kids under pressure
In the corner clutching they genitals by the dresser
know about the high cost of loving, baby
But someday, someday
You're gonna have to pay
Gonna have to pay

Oh, a woman like you needs fine things
My key turns in the lock and I opened my front door
Greeted by the darkness like too many times before
I tiptoe in to kiss the children but they're
you crying? there's no need
Just throw on this coheed and fall out boy meets girl jimmy eat world
But Schlep eats pills till he's all out
Not once