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and there's hell
Burnin souls, the opposite of peace for 7 million years
Started livin well, self-esteem, been lovin with myself
It's time for revolution,
through wit my families
Big Psych, pit fight, you know the deals
Potted, take a good look at what we started
Retarded, that Brooklyn bullshit we got it
pimpin' now my '70 Cut' 
I probably hit the park drinkin on Bo's berry 
Slammin' Rick James 'cause I'm in love with Mary 
You can't be scary if you want
It's no roof so they can see me shine
Whole city came out just to see me rhyme
Started off in Impalas now its DB9
In the Aston like he James Bond
comin' like I'm 2
Or maybe 3 or 4 or just a muthafuckin' crew
Late night see a drive-by drop Impala
The niggas took cover and the bitches all holla