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thin, fell into a trap
And I'm just about ready to snap

[ Charlie Wilson ]
You have no idea 
[ Roger Troutman ]
(You have no idea)
[ Charlie
Mama, when she'd ride that horse
Buried out in Wilson fields
Mama'd tell me all she thought
Mama'd tell me all how riding feels

And I thought
a bracelet
Just to satisfy your fourteen carat mind.

Layin' by these railroad tracks in Denver
With a hurtin' head and a half a pint of wine
could hear Charlie's big bad gray a crowing
And sure enough it's Saturday night on rooster hill

we scaled them up and Cortez was light
And I said that's
Time: 2:52 beach bum music bmi/beachead music, inc. ascap
Producer: brian wilson/russ titelman
Engineered by jim linker and rob klohs at dolphin
Just then florence nightingale dropped her drawers and
Stuck her fat ass half way out of the window with a
Wilson pickett tune
And shouted get a load
bitch ass nigga
Quit playing with the hoe, and let me borrow the bitch

[Chorus: Charlie Wilson]
You got what I want
Tell me if you want, just what I
Coupe with
Ain't even got nobody to chill with on the weekend
This is just a house, until someone makes it a home
Love don't count me out, cause I'm so
Love and blessings
Simple kindness
Fell like rain on thirsty land
Fields and gardens
Long abandoned
Came to life in dust and sand

[Snoop Dogg]
Beautiful, perfect, flawless, debonair

[Chorus: Charlie Wilson]
Where'd you get that silky skin?
And the colors those eyes come
I was found in Wilson County just a mile outside of town
On the doorsteps of two people who brought me up to where I am
I was born to be a loser
The redbones are howling down by Wilson's Bridge
The lawmen stand waiting upon Deadman's Ridge


Ooh Carolina so dark I can't see
by just like she does every night at 8
She's leaving on the 10:05 tomorrow morning it'll be too late

Maybe it's the spark plug, or the gas he
let's overdub a little a little finger p-
No, no, no Clem no!
By greckins you put a little, little bit, a little finger poppin' on thar 
it's gonna be
to love me now 

Don't you know how hard I tried to hold out just for you? 
Lovin' you from mem'ry day by day 
Then someone came into my life, turned my
The cashier raised her voice
Said, "mister, here's your choice 
The cops are in the parking lot waiting"

Is it money or love
You can't get enough of
let you come back
Whatcha want to Do? 

Chorus: Charlie Wilson
Cause my heart is yearnin for your love

Verse 2: Mia X
Now we been through
to spend on dope
I'd buy me a used car lot
And I wouldn't sell any of em
I'd just drive a different car
Every day, dependin on how
I feel

Hey Charlie
Lyrics by Glen Anthony
Music by Charlie Chaplin

My love, you are the song
That sings inside of me
The song is always the same
It starts with love
In a fit of anger fueled by romance
She drug a key down the side of his Cadillac
Parked right outside the honky tonk
Jr. Wilson says he saw it all
making love in this fashion

Trains, planes, and automobiles
It's all in the same it's how the wheels turn (Repeat 2x)

[Charlie Brown]
Engine number
(Reese Wilson)

I could stop right here turn this car around. 
Walk back through the door put my suitcase down. 
Tell you I'm sorry and things
A boy is born in hard time Mississippi
Surrounded by four walls that ain't so pretty
His parents give him love and affection
To keep him strong
Happy Days
Edge Of Night
Love Of Life
Merv and Mike
Good Times
Make A Deal
Charlie's Angels
Family Feud

Feeling so much thinner
Garfield's been shot down low"

Lord, I knew the President was supposed to be down the depot that day
But I just wouldn't let myself believe that he'd been