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But twenty some years later I'm still grateful and surprised
By the little gifts that David gave to me

I knew this guy before I wed
He had
much trouble and what's more
It was tarnished by your hand
Gone my hair...into a drawer 

I said - should you leave?
And you - you just agreed
So we
a thousand paces of light ahead of the game
By the time you get where I'm standing, I'll be gone
y'all make moves, but y'all just move on

(Let the sun shine)
[Intro: Mos Def + (Sample)]
(Let the sun shine)
Yeah yeah its a brand new day why'all (Let the sunshine in)
Turn me up in the top a little bit dog

Totally Nude, 
Totally Nude - on a midnight breeze, 
Her and me,
Breakin' all the rules.

I need her love just like I need to breathe.
eyes wide open like fish in the sea
I'm done smiling with people I don't like in places I don't wanna be
She told me it's just a little bit of powder
cosigns for Kyle and vice verse
I'm defined by my verse, it's gross like net income
You win some, you lose some, not me son
I got more profit than the old
Man this shit if fuckin' ridiculous, fuckin' ridiculous

How should I begin this, I'm just so offended
How am I even mentioned by all these fuckin'
the wrong places, and get red like scarlet
How I dollar it, I just earn the say
So when the itchy itchy come, I satisfy the crave
And let it fall a little
The story begins like a Dickens Novel, David Copperfield "I am born"
And naw nigga we all just can't get along
5996 A-L The Year of Light Illuminati
magic, I can do magic. 

Call me Houdini or David Copperfield, 
I'll perform a trick on you, 
Girl I am your ginie, 
Baby this love for you is real,
this motherfucker killing this section
You can kinda tell this motherfucker still an erection
But getting harder by the minute, just admit it, it's
chick, and I haven?t seen him since

Maryann? She?s doing great; she might stop by in a little while

I knew that?d make you smile

Yeah, I love this band,
need a little more patience
Or maybe I'm crazy, maybe I just get a little to anxious
a chess contest
Leave a little stress
I'll snatch a bag of the Uptown's best
Make ya love it when ya smell it
It's the velvet
The chocolate for a 100
The whole UK garage scene
Now they're stressing me
When I know there's much more to see
Why are you watching me
When you should just let me be, Craig
But you're just a wimp, whatcha gonna do about it?

No more homework, no more books
No more teachers dirty looks
No more detentions no more
I'm just lookin for attention by callin ya name

[J-Zone talkin]
Hehe, aiiyo Kobe don't think I forgot about you dog
Up there rappin with Brian
carburetor on a '69 Camaro. 
And much, much more than that. 
He learned how to make love with his girlfriend, 
Julie like a real man oughta. 
And Dick gave
remorseful in every morsel
Unpleasant, horrible, hello gorgeous
The rebel with devil horns just fell off the yellow short bus
Met a contortionist, said,