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Jesus is my co-pilot
Or that's just what they
But it's not the Savior
Who guides me every day

The soul that's deep inside of me
Once so clean
of light
Connecting points of futures past, is its only plight

Passengers without a choice, hanging by a string
Spending with a hands of time, flying
That used to be me drivin' that ride
That used to be you by my side
I'd do anything just to have you
Back in my (ba) back in my
(Pa) passenger
Hey, well so do I
But this passenger's just passing by
Passenger is just passing

At your age and stage
You should understand
But you don't
We're passengers in time lost in motion
Locked together day and night by trick of light
I must take another journey
We must meet with other names
We're passengers in time lost in motion
Locked together day and night by trick of light
I must take another journey
We must meet with other names
Oh, what a fool am I
To be tongue-tied
Sitting next to her
The princess and the passenger

You touch the rain and suddenly
There's waterfalls
And you sow the seed
Its all that you need
You're building on speed
Big train

As the passenger did mention
Darkness falls just like a thief
Last night I saw you again
I couldn't believe my eyes 
You were in a car, on the passenger's side 
I saw the corner of your eye from where you saw
and washboard
Wooden tulips grow by the roadside
Made in a factory in Jonjoping
Fake glass baubles hang in the station
Just like the passenger's imitation
my bed she is in my head, I can't stop her I'm just a 

As days go by I see that you were meant for me
It adds up easily so lets just let
a fucking drive-by 

Riggety rolled on them slow in the Cadillac 

Silkk behind the wheel, me and King in the pack 

Master P in the passenger seat getting
La, la, la, la, lalalala, la, la, la   

Get into the car   
We'll be the passenger   
We'll ride through the city by night   
We'll see
can tell a fast train by the way she blows
Don't give me no plastic saddle just let me feel that leather when I ride
Don't give me no paint and powder
skyscrapers will fool you, look through to
Inner cities the rich won't move to
The nice parts, they well-protected by a vanguard
The opposite of how these
Well, legal age life at variety store,
Dealing in dope by the Exit door.
Waiting to work like a worm at the core.
Standing so long in the snow I'm
The whole town's talkin'
Like a fool in a barber's chair
And I get the sensation,
The joy and frustration
Like being caught by a tropical rain
And now the sun has broken through, it looks like it will stay
Just can't have you comin' home on such a rainy day
The train is leaving
passing by didn't seem to understand

Fools gold
Fools gold
Fools gold
Fools gold

Broken Joe just lying in a gutter
He's gone as low as any man can be
I guess I'm just the fool they call me
For loving you the way I do.
But, I would rather be a fool dear
Than be so lonely without you.

One Sunday morning, in the driving rain
Around the bend came a passenger train
In the cabin stood Casey Jones
Noble engineer but he's dead
I hear you breathing though
You're so far away
Can you just go where you're
Going to
I couldn't give a damn or two
About a fool like you
That's true
And away we go and away we go
Four by four and away we go
High not low and away we go

I'm a female rebel, can't you tell?
Banged on the dashboard, just
Just like a fool I asked him if he'd go with us tonight
And like a fool I let him dance with you and hold you tight
I knew if you'd be thrilled by
As my Daytons spin low rider sitting low
Hitting corners so hard you could taste my rims
Rag top 6-4 Hsenny in the passenger side
Smoking chronic