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In the rivers of joy hallelujah joy, all the happiness
In the rivers of joy hallelujah joy, of the world

So many people pass me by without
If you can dream it,
It can be done.

And though a task was made for two,
It can be done well by one.
Go on,
Spread your joy around the world
of dreams,
Tall buildings and a wife won't be enough for me,
There is more in the world to be found than dreams,

And you will sing day by day, old joy
Cry for our world
Our world will die!
And we all feel it
But we don't change it.
Our world will die!
I feel the end
I feel the end of your
time of year
And it's here, help me celebrate it
With everybody here
Friends so dear, let me simply state it

Joy to the world and everyone
Lift up your
a beginning
Something just to hold on to?
Always know that love will find a way, yeah

Is it hard this life you're living?
Does the world seem so unkind?
A Song for Christmas 

Words & Music by Joseph Patrick

Christmas?. can be a lonely time of year my friend
And when the times get tough
And ? don
don't want the love any other girl 
I want only thing in this whole wide world
Nothing else will do
All I want is you this Christmas

Cheek to cheek
What you're drinkin'
Rum or whiskey
Now don't you have a
Double with me
I'm sorry I'm a little late
I got your message by the away
I'm calling
You know  I was looking at the conditon of the world thee other day seems there's to much killing to much dying to much pain I don't know about you
and despair collides
It's eating me up from the inside

Don't look back
Remember yesterday, no way
Going through the cast
Turning insane by their games
There ain't nothin' in the world
That can take away my memories
Of my travels through the great northwestern
Mountain scenery
With my woman by my
'Cause the world seems right
There goes my baby walking by

Oh, but he's my inspiration
Yes indeed my pride and joy
Don't say nothing bad
Don't ever think
There is no way home

Sly come home tonight
The world is so bad you're drive 'em all mad
With your smile
Sly my joy and my pride
To bring us joy and hallow the meal

What is this tree, that gathers us together
What is this tree, that stood the storm
What is this joy that don
Like faith and joy and peace and hope
And harmony

In my world we really aren't different
In your world we'll never be the same
I speak but you don
As years are passing by
Silence becomes your friend
You see the world in a different way
Don't be afraid of getting old
Life's still full of joy
What you're drinkin'
Rum or whiskey
Now don't you have a
Double with me
I'm sorry I'm a little late
I got the message by the away
I'm calling
yeah, yeah
(Children sing)
Spreading joy, that's what Christmas time is for
(Spreading joy)
Though we don't have much, you've got me and I've got you
The world's a joke, so beware, you could lose your mind! 
So don't be fooled by the lies lots of people say 
Trust in yourself and you surely
and protect you from the evils of this world

Oh baby don't ever leave me stranded
Whoever said that the streets were paved with gold
Well I'm afraid that
'cause she see something she liked
Just because it ain't grandma's house don't mean that it's all good
'Cause no one cares, if she's in there,
Pretty Little Baby
Marvin Gaye
Written by: Clarence Paul/Marvin Gaye/Dave Hamilton

Darling, please stay, don't go away
(If you leave me)
never be poor 

As long as we got each other 
There's nothing in the world that can steal my joy 
Yeah, As long as we got each other 
We can overcome
the end

I'm gonna tell the world I love you, baby girl
Shout it out in the streets (shout it out in the streets)
Gonna talk about the joy you bring me,