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A poison sun in a septic sky 
Spitting on the open face of muddy water 
Any anxious color, blue and gold 
Now don't say you're hungry 

You're so damn

The great muddy waters and howling wolf
Said a whole lot of livin' in a blues song
I'd take me all day namin' all the names
So many fellas who
around a heart. Pull it

Tighter and tighter
Until the muddy waters part
Down by the river bank
A blues band arrives
The music suffers
The music
cares to the wind coyote and whine

Your rolling tears, your restless visions

Rattle up to love, the magician

Well, he tracked 'em by the muddy waters
on the water
They call to me through the night.
They sing of you, their song is blue,
And so is the pain.

It 's been so long.
Oh lord, won't you help me,
see God everywhere
Like a sad old melody that cheers you up, it sets you free
That's how Memphis lives in me

There comes a time when muddy waters
their shoes
They're the ones who made the blues
Who's gonna fill those big shoes

Muddy Waters, howlin' wolf, Willie Dixon, sonny boy too
Well, I need a sip of muddy water
From my daddy's wishin' well
Scattered his ashes on the delta
From here on I'll be drinkin' by myself

got some strawberry wine
I want to get you alone

Down by the muddy water
Of the mighty Mo
In an old abandoned box car
Will I ever know
Yeah, I'm about as country as she gets

I might get her on the lake to fish with me
If the water's smooth and the sky is blue, with a nice cool breeze
songs of like fallen rain
Windblown buildings, muddy ground
The strength of water can sink a man

Take us back, oh, take us back
Oh, take us, take us
Maybe you should be singing, sir, oh, singing the blues

(Look at all those idiots)
Mr. Burns, you, you make Muddy Waters sound shallow and
(An office
The fires are alarming
The fire alarms are oddly calming
A water beetle jitterbugs in litter
Kitty cats across the sidewalk after rats are fat
This is a Muddy Waters Tune:
The first verse is:
I got an axe-handle pistol with a graveyard frame
Shootin' tombstone bullets, wearin' ball
the hills are alive and the motor is dead
That man has a zero floating over his head
I follow my instincts, sometimes follow dogs
Drink muddy water, sleep
You can drag my name through bleach and muddy waters
See if I don’t still call you a friend until the dying end
And if you ever though you were in
right here, is the Fam right here
And if you fuck with the Zoo you gon' get clapped right there
For this CREAM nigga, I'll walk through Muddy Waters
If he
Robert Johnson, that Muddy Waters, that James Brown, Augusta, GA
That Ray Charles, that Stevie Wonder, that Mayfield, that Superfly
That Willie Hutch
really know me to love me
Instead you fucking try to mold me
And leave when shit is muddy waters
Feel my blues as I strums
I sit in crowds of people,
Paul Wall what it do

Purple so muddy I can barely even drive
A blow it down trees like a catter goin by
Southside of H-Town that