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You ain't neva heard a slow jam like this
You ain't neva had a remix like this
You ain't neva been freaky like this
Rollin on 24's
24/7, I'm back holdin', mistake me for a chump
Bite off more than you can chew, more beef than you want
Come through repeatedly, show you what bananas
the chain, I'm all in, mane
I'll hit you up, you think I'm playing, I be strapped
Go 'head fuck around, I be strapped
24/7 I'm back holding, mistake me for
in the hospital ringin' the nurse's bell

Like ding I got hit (uh-huh) by two of rap's, most dangerous
E and P and they both had stainless

wonder 's

I live Brooklyn like year 24 for sure
Sul c-notes in my tennis skirt(?)
And the kick hurts so good that I gotta sorta accents for this
one fresh with a folds
Grill in the back with a grill in the front
24-carrot gold on my trunk
Got a rope like a python hanging 'round my neck
24/7, 365, motherfucker I'm still right on time
Oh you thought you had me all figured out?
Take it from the horses mouth, you'll never understand
That's the way the streets select it
So 24/7 we're pickin' up metal
That's how we settle our problems in the ghetto
???? why does a brother
By the mafia king, you were hung by the boss
Havikk, my felonous pitch will lynch a bitch
Smoke and choke any punk on a off-stroke
Cause I provide
Rhymes faster than a speeding bullet
Has more rhymes than a train has tracks
Able to leap sucker MC's in a single rhyme
Look, at the jam
sellin all the keys
Come through, BMW, 96 new
Or maybe 97, 24-7 I'm puttin in work
And then I got.....
Man, I fell off, so Ima fixin to pass it
Gone back