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or even worse 
it could be three O'clock, on a Sunday by church
yo' brains might have to burst
you shouldn't have fucked with me first
of flowers that breathe.
Jet-lagged eyes are begging for an hour to sleep
Although my blood shot whites and irises they never find any
Clock stops at times
shoulda swooped on 'em stayed Wake Water do 'em on him

Jet skied on 'em then flew around corner on 'em
4 o'clock in the morning, I threw the ski mask
o'clock on the dot 
Checkin' on my old rock spot 
I seen the same old set 
Heh, the small timers see me so they jet 
Buildin' one-twenty-eight 
I got
With dark skies, fighter jets over city skies
Mami's workin all she seem to think about is pretty eyes
So recognize, shit is bigger than the picture
You know like she never heard of me, ya know
So I said okay you may know me by my other name
Sometimes they call me

Track master

We see you Tone
flows comin' faster than a jet to Alaska
I ask ya how you feelin' my collabo'
The CP3, the ODB from NYC the ghetto be	
Light it up, let it cook, look