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my own identity, buch respect to the
Winans and BeBe and CeCe, but we are Phase 2 gots to be me
God called us to reach a whole 'nother day and time
And I'm surrounded by you
And I'm surrounded by you
Jesus you are oh so beautiful
You are beautiful, you are beautiful
Jesus you are oh so beautiful
A lyrical knockout, showin' I got clout
My comp should just drop out
Cause none of them can see me
I leave em winan like their name was bebe or cece
I get
from dusk til dawn
Jesus you are so beautiful

Picture me trying to figure me out by myself
Like the times I came to you and said I don’t need your
Jesus is the beautiful structure of love
Repent me to hope and love
Beware nihilists
You shall fall by the sword
Oh, God, brighten the Day of Judgment
mind is driven
To you my heart is given
That's right

You're the greatest
You're the greatest
You're the greatest
(Jesus is my daddy, I'm telling
(Jesus is my daddy I'm telling you) 
You're the greatest 
Don't let me fall 

They don't understand 
What you do for me (do foe me) 
And nothing by
for the first time

How beautiful You are

Here on top of the world

Jesus, You are more than I was ready for

I'm on top of the world

Seeing for
there don't you know
You are there where Jesus walked, every generation, 
Yeah the princes of their nation
Well, I'm ugly, too. 

No, no you're not
of a dance craze
By "Jesus cross and the cruel nails"
Followed up by "torturing little beaver"
With their contraption of barbed wire
Between the fear
Jesus come, 'cause You are worthy of every human life.
Kingdom come.
Alpha, Omega, beginning and end.

I am blinded by glory.
His face shines
The sea
And no matter what the world may think, you're
Beautiful to me.
Your name
I have never been the same
Jesus, You're so precious to me
Beautiful Savior, Redeemer and Healer
You're everything that I'll ever need
Before she went out on the stroll 
She'd tuck me into bed and sing: 
You're much too beautiful for words (4X) 
I see the red and white lights
Jesus, black Jesus
Jesus, black Jesus

I been feeling so down
I think they should know now
I think they should know what's up
That's that road
Beautiful life inside 
Living, moving, breathing 
So let hope arise 
God knew what he was doing when He gave 
Beautiful, beautiful life
He's got a Jesus tattoo
Indian Ink Sitting Bull
I wanted to be pure
I wanted to be sure
I want it to be perfect
Perfectly flawed

She says she
They on the receiving end
Of the gun
I cursed you
Everytime I climb
You're getting fired
One by one
But taking one with me
Cause she knows
to the core
We'd won the game by twenty points, couldn't wait to celebrate
But our lead car was goin' way to fast and they didn't even hit the brakes
he did steal
And they rode around and 'round on heaven's wheel
Father Jesus, I'm an outlaw killer and a thief
And I slowed down on Lee and I saw my
ghetto blood clots is scored by slug shots
and drug spots, well if you're too poor to move out
or get a new house, it's like livin in a war walkin through
Ah, breaker one-nine, this here's the Rubber Duck
You gotta copy on me, Pig Pen, c'mon
Ah, yeah, 10 4, Pig Pen, fer shure, fer shure
By golly,
Yeah, breaker one-nine, this here's the Rubber Duck,
You got a copy on me Pigpen? c'mon.)
(Ah yeah, ten-four Pigpen, for sure, for sure.
By golly
on to anger
You really believe that you could receive God's favor by your good deeds and right behavior
But you're dead in your transgressions and need
By golly, it's clean clear to Flag Town, c'mon. Yeah, that's a big 10-4 there, Pig Pen, yeah, we definitely got the front door, good buddy. Mercy sakes