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BET no Visa, no j's it was Reebok
Talking in [?]
Locked up for thank Jesus
'Cause I could been dizzy (dizzy)
Fifty countin' a to z

Thank you lord
inner love, yaknawmean?

God love us hood n****z (I know)
'Cause next to Jesus on the cross was the crook n****z (I know)
And the killers,
Jesus walked upon the water; man walked on the moon
Now the world needs another miracle

1903 fly high in the aeroplane and 1904 where
the Pre-Cambrian sea, only for the matrix
To become contaminated by the errant cells of a captured
Fiend of Z'xulth, the result was a prime fiend whose capacity for
and bust on the police
While y'all playas are fakin bacon we cook the whole beef.
I put it down plain, I stimulate the left and right brain
Cell by cell
through the pictures in a leather-bound book
I found a woolly lamb dozing in an issue of blood
And a gilled Jesus shivering on a fisherman's hook


Can't be a joke I've been through too many games
N****z laugh, but my expression wasn't hardly the same
Show me respect cause it's due, you
species, so Mary's lyin in feces and Jesus in urine,
And you're in the microscope, clones hope, but never will be net ability, mental agility,
I'm a nice guy.. My life's a light sky
So much love I might cry.. Daah! Nice try!
I'm an evil seed, in the day I sleep and the night fly
Say that I'm foolish
I only talk about jewels
(Bling bling)
Do you fools
Listen to music or
Do you just skim
through the pictures in a leather-bound book
I found a woolly lamb dozing in an issue of blood
And a gilled Jesus shivering on a fisherman's hook

beeing done 
By those who could not choose 
Between the two 
Amateurs, dilettantes, hacks, cowboya, clones 
The streets groan with little Caesars,
you about Jesus who's the leader of the new school
You thinking you's cool you emcees is lost boys
Got no cash money you juvenile like some hot boys
the things I buy
I'm so high, I'm on point
And I could tell that your jealous just by the look in your eye
And when I ride by
I don't care, G-Unit's going
you don't write, trendsetter, you clone-like
Pay homage or K's vomit, ungrateful niggas, I don't like

A fuck nigga, that's that shit I don't like
on a crucifixion,
Your god and faith are lies
No guts to fucking think
Or form opinions of your own
You're just another spinelss bitch
Lost in a sea of clones

It'z on Thatz the move AJ [yea] Well it'z on
We gon intensify the struggle, you know what I'm sayin'
We under a lot of pressure, all opposites
Well I'm driving down the road in my beat up Ford
I've got a plastic Jesus on my dashboard
I'm going really fast and using lots of gas
Jay-Z and he said, "oh
you a real soulful dude" [Jay-Z: "you a real soulful dude"]. And he
uh, played the song 'cause he already spit his verse by
To play me, ba-by, hey he,
Gone need a track from God featuring Jesus or Jay-Z
Go on floss; ball where it cost
Smile for the cameras, take your shirts
Of course I'm thankful for another day, my Lord I can't lie
But everytime I wake up, seem like one of my people gotta die
Anthrax poisoning,
Intro (Fat Pat)
N****z betta see a n***a roll
Shorts down and I'm rollin' on 84's

Chorus (Fat Pat)
Swang-swang and I swang and I swang to the left
I'm sick of being lied to, giving it my all, you know I tried to
Maintain in the family is a must, I would of died to
Do anything for my
Try to combine with your own, but you can not clone the dark tone
One of a kind, I'm all alone
I make the vowels high with em, with my words I bone
Niggas be screaming Z-Ro, how does it feel to be a ceo
But I don't know, cause I can't get a set of keys to the studio
And I know my fanbase