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the world

Most high and lifted up
Be glorified forever
Jesus has overcome
Declare it now together

Most high and lifted up
Be glorified forever
come down
You laid aside Your royalty
To wear the sinner's crown

And O great God be glorified
Our lives laid down, Yours magnified
And O great God be
life you increase
More of you, less of me, in my life you increase

Jesus be glorified in my life magnified 
Jesus be glorified in my life magnified
Testaments succumbing eve fall victim to the times
It was always meant to be the end of Jesus Christ

Crucified for the innocence, on the cross
pretty but she's really not dressed 
And sometimes she look silly but she's far from a mess
Yes, please so don't be dissin cause Jesus done paid grip
son Jesus Christ
As The Word, living proof
He is the image of the invisible God
The first born of all creation
For by Him all things were created
prayed: should I pray to be delivered from this hour? No. This is why I?ve come. Glorify your name father. And the father spoke and said, ?I have glorified
of that message
And I'm just excited to be able to share it with you

Hey, justified me, glorified me
Paid my ransom and I've been redeemed by his blood
the church churches been clappin' at weak sermons
Leaving the weak hurt, no one's changed by Sunday's service
We need discernment, check what you be
a slow jam
And have you all hold hands to "Holy is the Lamb."

Ahh, what a relief it is to be in Jesus
I fooled you with the FUBU and baggies without
Will you take me as I am

I'm sick and tired of trying to me the man, my daddy never taught me to be
I'm grown up now, life ain't what I thought it