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Blessed is the man that trod
In the ways of God
Never turn by back on
Never turn by back on JAH

Who hunger and thirst after rightousness
I blessed
misconceptions, yeah
Still trying to find paradise in their disillusion

I say, life is what you make it some say
But I know that Jah has a role to play
I say, life
misconceptions, yeah
Still trying to find paradise in their disillusion

I say, life is what you make it some say
But I know that Jah has a role to play
I say, life
Jah Rastafari
Well me look an' me tell dem seh rude boy
And me look an' me tell dem
I and I seh a kingdom that is divided by itself must fail
youth them can't stop
Touch it, touch it, touch it star

Amidst temptation, I and I will be strong
I earn my meditation in this holy Armageddon
With love
a smile to my face again)
Shining Light
Guiding Light
Guiding Light

It's truly one of a kind, like star shine, beyond night time

Are you there?
So why don't you come with me
Take a trip to the other side?
Where you, you and I, we can sing, we can fly
We can dance as the stars go by
used to be
Then you look forward on your plans
Take an upfront position
Make a point-blank decision
Our destiny is in JAH bonds

Every time one drop
.C. like Newt Gingrich SUCKS DICK

Meanwhile the government brings Star Wars from Glocks to glockers
C.O.P. has an APB out on Chewbacca
Mista Mayor, can I
how good and pleasant it is
She'll stand by me
Birds of one feather
We worship JAH together
Sitting on a throne of gold

In the morning
While I'm waking
To keep you satisfied
Love that does exist, is the love i cant resist
So jam by my side

We jammin'
and we're jammin' in the name of the lord
It's time we realize
One thing Jah people all around the world 
It's time we all sing
A song of unity cause 
That's the way it should be
It's time
when you see I?m gone
Let the music carry on
Shine your love light in the sky
Let the message shine so bright
Trust Jah guidance everyday
And quietly you
we learned that 
only Jah and God can protect 
You know the story, housing projects is purgatory 
So, teach the youths they got more rights than
the click 

a sister, put my niggaz up wetted the grave 

you wanted to get richer, so offer your beats that made by fade 

cascade, because yo ass is
Consumed by you and me 

Nicole, I love you 
I'm thinking of you 
With every motion I make 
When the stars are above you 
Know that I miss you
I'm born in babylon
Under the odd star
And where they plot war
But we doo not want war
Unless pushed upon
And then brains will bust
But we do
dispersing the verse commercially or underground
one love bound by culture and sound
been around the world and no denying
we're all under the same
it all the way to Wakiki
Iron curtain, certain I pull a stocking and skirt-and
Fa-la-la-la, they run, and chill is chiller
Dynamo Duo burnt it,
called, Edutainer 
You'll find the law of balance on the two turntables 
So look out for the FRESH Edutainer label 

Biddi-by-by, by
(Word Up) 

(Hightower on the boards, knah what I'm sayin, my man Mo) 

(Yo, but, there is a lot of negativity flowing through hip-hop these 

all of my proceeds
Don't I flow like I don't bleed? Every cut is just dumb
After me there will be none I told you there is only one (Soul)
Yeah, and I