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By the pool, they would protest
With crosses 'round their necks,
But our sons were overseas,
And we all know about the hive and the honey bees
one time
All my peoples are you with me, where you at? 
All my killer bees on attack, where you at?  
Throw ya fuckin' hands in the air if you want
Don't want no foo foo hair cut sitting on my head
Don't want no foo foo hair cut sitting on my head
Man I'd rather be bald, I'd rather be dead
Beat around the bush to keep it stimulatin
Don Juan love rap, and get to conversatin
Hot and heavy on the birds and the bees
Get her address, head
and the bees
a match made in heaven like some O's and D's
no I never met a girl so sexy and fine
she can take a man's money especially mine
and on top of all
tempt me
In the dark room all prayed out, I ain't never sat in no Bentley
Hustle hard in the alley way by Ms. Cita house I'm getting it
Wrecked my car