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of town
If you're gonna do it give me a reach around
Jump off the ground
Get off my ass jack
Get off my ass jack
Get out of town
If you're gonna do it
brilliant minds.
It's being asked by every body from Obama, to Glenn Beck.
They all want to know why there's a warning,
on them little blue pills
lots of fans
Have lots of girls to prove that I'm a man
And be No. 1, and liked by everyone

Getting drugged up with my trendy friends
They really
[Intro: "Keisha" ("Barbara") {Ghostface Killah}]
Boy get your lazy ass up
So you can go to store and get some flower
And some vegetable oil so I can
that I raised
It’s a Jack Daniel’s jackhammer
Shut the door but don’t slam her
Kind of feelin’ poundin’ my brain
I got a big ass headache

like that get me vexed
So I crack your ass like corn while your bitch crack my Beck's

Rock da spot

Aiyyo, catch this picture, of me in the mixture
I'll fuck your mouth and leave your ass in debt
Jet set the country on yer world purse
Just to show you how a real pimp works

Remove yer shirt
blasted, surrounded by niggas in masks
Sent with the task to harass and murder my ass
Will I last? heaven or hell? freedom or jail?
Shit's hard, who can
This is the ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage Cage
Nothing could stop them when Jables and Rage hit the stage
and Hollywood Jack hit the big
A chick's walking by she's had a nip and tuck,
Got a tattoo on her ass and she says you wanna,
I said yeah.

Trying to fight a war that we can't win,
(hurt real good)
She can make it last all night (last all night)
Hold that ass real tight
She gon' make you squirt yo goods (squirt yo goods)
She gon'
California, Here I Come
Written by Joseph Meyer, Al Jolson and Buddy G. De Sylva
Jack was sittin poker faced with bullets backed with bitches
stinkin' ass (stinkin' ass)
Just roll that weed (roll that weed) just roll that weed (roll that weed)

Ayo yes it's me the MC Grand Royal
Spittin' that
As I sit back relax, steam a blunt, sip a Becks
Think about the sexy singers that I wanna sex
I'd probably go to jail for fucking Patti LaBelle
a little bit faster now and breath a little deeper


Come to me come to me set me free,
Jack ass ginger, jack ass ginger.
Come to me come
To be rich and have a lot of fans
Have a lot of girls to prove that I'm a man
To be number one and loved by everyone

Getting drugged up with my
beg favors, you're kissing other people's [ass]
I write and produce myself just as fast
Keep my hair like this, got no time for Jheri curls
Original rude boi on your scene
Everybody light your blunts, get your smoke on
All you bitches drop your drawers witcha stinkin' ass
Just roll
know I fuck whores outta habit 
Who framed Cube, motherfuck Roger Rabbit! 
'cause I couldn't have and got stabbed in the back 
By a black ass dirty
a nigga in this shit
So you better watch your back
'Cause see-Bo got the strap
Pulling the ski mask down
About to jack
'Cause marks come up short
You better
loved by ya grandmama, and ya babies

See my head is so big they call me jack n the box
You can't impress me, so fuck what you got
I say my head
You're up next
After you I'll drink a Beck's
Contact another L, listen to raising hell
Run these MCs back to the lab
When I stab tracks I slash backs
on a bill
And I kicked jack's ass and took his ho jill
I'm the one who broke the bull's back
And made people say fuck mcdonald's and call me the big mac
all fakes 
Run to your mansions 
Come around 
We'll kick your ass in! 
Don't let go 
One dance left 

Championed by a soulless media misleading
The Northern Lights get ya ass in a daze
Purple hydro, Indonesian skunks, you can tell by the funk

All we need is Fonzo' leaf or a blunt
Easy wad of bamboo, I