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Particle Zoo

And they don’t seem able to outstretch they hands and admit they fans
You better flame 'em in the J's that they standing in
Ostracize they memory for not
and dippin'
Jackin' for D's and radio equipment

My rhymes slide through the air like cardinals and particles
Got niggaz callin' audibles
goes out to my money earnin Mount Vernon crew
J. Daddy, James Huff, Pete Rock, Nick Love
Trak Boogie, and my man Chris Hughley
(You've got a)
only one better than all my bitches
Pussy too good when I bang I'm on a mission
Body to body when we changing up positions

I'm like a particle
affecting all that's in the range of my Lotus stick

[Blaze Ya Dead Homie]
I come in blood eternally
The disease spreads within me
My organs turn to particles