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I've never felt this way

No one in this world
Knows me better than you do
So diary I'll confide in you

Dear diary
Today I saw a boy
As he walked by I
told her
I don't know when, I've had a better friend

It was out in Arizona
That he heard the lady listening
To each word that he was saying
To each line
Mama always prayed that I'd be a better man than daddy
And I determined not to let her down
Deserted by the man she loved and left to raise four
You slipped in and really caught me by surprice
When you told me you were leaving me today
You say you've found another you love better
Well it was
Lord, I've never lived where churches grow 
I loved creation better as it stood 
That day you finished it so long ago 
And looked upon your work
Lord, I've never lived where churches grow 
I loved creation better as it stood 
That day you finished it so long ago 
And looked upon your work
Tonight, I, I just want to talk to the ladies
Oh fellows your cool but girls
If you've got a good man
You'd better keep him

Oh I know you're
have a very important man in my life
He means the world to me
He helped make into the strong woman I am today
I'm talkin about my Daddy

Verse One:

which was so strange
even if I don't like reunions I've always loved Billy
I'm so glad he's working
I mean it's different than Ondine
Will I find the road to Jesus or just lose him in the trash

The Shaggs were right
You're never going to please anybody
Not in this world

If I go
Yo Bill, what in the fuck you doin here?

Aw shit
I woke up on the wrong side of bed today
Lookin' for some homo sapiens to slay
Lost in
In world news today officials agree that rapper Brad Jordan alias Scarface must be stopped 
After being monitored by secret service agents for two
Bigger than his size, was barely five feet
In ?83 broke beats that today rock streets
With no one to grade it, still never debated
Some saw
this service I suspect
Is less done by goodwill
Than by the fear that they should miss
A final chance to bill

So I've decided to leave this world
no expiration date on the batteries
Look, I've never been a hater
It's never been in my nature
But, listen, let me hook you up 'cause

and down and said
I've never seen one quite this bad
I'll wrap it up if you want me to but I
Must be warning you

A split won't work, a cast won't last
It was long ago and it was far away
And it was so much better that it is today

It was long ago and it was far away (it never felt so good, it never
real music is gonna last
All the other bullshit is here today and gone tomorrow"

Cash rules everything around me
C.R.E.A.M. get the money,
and earn some respect 
It's better to have loved and lost than live with regret

Come back, to, me 
I want you to

[Chorus: x2]

To me, yeah yeah
better than my head when I looked into those eyes


Well, maybe I'll quit when I've got me a kid and a place to call my own 
But tonight
you know 
That He is still able

I've been hurt and abused 
Even lied to by the ones I trusted most 
I had some nights I cried more than I prayed
Yes, I miss them
I've tried to make friends here, but it's hard

D: Yes, they resent you

AC: Perhaps

D: They know you're smarter than they are
you was never no good
People would say I looked just like you
But rest assured I don't act like you
I'm more than that, my mama raised me better
the mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea. 

I've seen England's king from the top of a bus
And I've never known him, but he means to know us.
And tho' by
That day I'll always remember, yes I will
Cause that was the day that my daddy died
I never had a chance to see him
Never heard nothing but bad things