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what cha heard when i slide in yo' affection

Sock it to my pocket 'cause, I'm sum'n like a pimp
Sum'n like a pimp, sum'n, sum'n like a pimp bitch
my arteries shaking

[Chorus: x4]
Rock! It's what we're all about
It's what we live for
see'mon shout it out

Well I bring down the house in
I'm not who I once was.
And I'm crippled by the fear
That I've fallen too far to love

But don't you know who you are,
What's been done for you?
Diallo's killers going free paid by society
Now I know you don't care about me

Hey-we should be burning and looting,
Believe me, start exchanging 41 for 90
of me
I don't give a mother fuck if you 100 deep
But you ain't gonna fuck with a pitch of me

What's the fuss about? Is it 'cause a nigga got doe?
one (one people)

Lets, lets catch amnesia
Lord help me out
Trying to figure out what its all about (what its all about)
'Cause we're one in the same
Blinded by what's in his eyes

In days of old
When the books were untold
Speak of a world crushed by sin.
"The people will mourn
of a war to be born"
'm nothing without you
Without you I lack what it takes
Unless we're combined
I have half a mind
To blow all my chances and breaks

Without you
Blinded by what's in his eyes

In days of old
When the books were untold
Speak of a world crushed by sin.
"The people will mourn

Of a war to be
and tryed to understand what I'm seenin on the news tonight ill admit we were yung and foolish,totaly iresponsible!
But nobody died,we all made it
As a child Christopher was outspoken when it suited him at times he was quiet 
And of course he was mischievous as all little boys are as a young

If you fall and you crawl towards debt.
And the sum, it is more than what was leant.
If you can't keep your eyes on the change,
the only road
I've been taught to respect my elders and behave 
Even if when they were young they sold slaves 
Truth and understandin' is what I crave 
41 shots in the summer sky
6 million ways to die
It's been 20 some years since we first set foot on this planet
Take 6 lifetimes
"Punk!" It is full of pussy protein and pearl tongue

All I wanna know is why y'all let his punk-ass in the group in the first place
when you knew what
job It's not too hard
3- |6-
But when I go home
|2-7 |2-7b5/b6 |
And I'm all alone (and I'm by myself babe you heard me)
1 |5/7 |
You know you're my
to be
When the lights go down and the truth is all you see
And I wonder if all my life's about the sum
Of all my fear and all my doubts
Yo.. yo.. A man is condemned or exaulted by his words.. 
Exalt me.. yo.. this what y'all niggas wanted.. 

The streets was waitin'
here I am, a beast
the Remy we were doing the thing

[Chorus: x2]

Now I don't know about chu 
But I would like to get wit two (ah)
Nice honeys while I'm chillin' by
You chose to surrender the best thing that's happened to you
What were you missing? Were you just tripping?
Running away from your fear was

Word is born, your kids miss you when your gone
But life still goes on, you think they give a fuck?

Yo it's hot, what they got, 41 shots
it, a nigga gotta do what he meant to
My crew got my back, fuck the world is my mental
We put together five soldiers
The bitch called, my blood curdled
to make them haters frown
Break it down
Now be	 is beating niggas about
why is yours now figga it out
Constantly questioning all tha bickerin ghetto fab
No, there are no easy answers
To sum up the problems which we face
History's a lesson, let us learn by our mistakes
Just don't expect to make
stuck in your gut sucker
"All Killer No Filler" like Sum 41
where I'm from, where I'm at, livin' life in the sun
We make no apologies, take no prisoners