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Lil' nigga, keep ya clothes, ask around,
I'm a rep, east up, what it do though
Hoes spillin' Nuvo, Doggy on his tip
I threw up the two O
Hella far
out, no doubt)
The Love Movement no doubt (Love Movement, no doubt)
Ali Shaheed get a shout (shout it out, no doubt)

Yo perate, hold on, take a time
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it on blast
For the passengers and messengers
'Cause this is a disaster
Where the fuck are the rescue workers
Not far
Off pissing on a cop car
and that's all they will ever show
So the ones in the West will never move east and feel they could be at home
Get tricked by the Beast but where them gon'
the game will merge to the west
And I feel its absurd that the east is the selling the less
Screaming new york new york the pioneers is suppose to be
And the creature just bided its time undiscovered
So safe in the cradling arms of the mother

[Lead: Dan]

But for those who seek eternity
For those