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?bout my farmers tan
She's the only one who really
Understands what gets me
She thinks my tractor's sexy

She ain't into cars or pick up trucks
But if it
watch the sky
I talk to God and wonder why
But it's the only like I know
These farmer's blues
I see the seasons come and go
Sendin' rain, fire,
watch the sky
I talk to God and wonder why
But it's the only like I know
These farmer's blues
I see the seasons come and go
Sendin' rain, fire,
about stoppin' but he drove on by
'Cause he just can't bear to let go
After all it's the only life he's ever known

And the tractor keeps rolling
The dust
soul to Jesus
I'll give my heart to you
And if you want the rest of me
Well, darlin you can have that too
Only love can save me
So darlin don't be
a tractor pull 
I'm haunted by my illicit, explicit dreams 
And I can't really wake up 
So I just drift in between 
Thinking the glass is half empty
Blamed it on progress and movin' traffic faster
But everybody knows the only reason for the road
Was to see her chugaluggin' on the top of that tractor
If I took a rollin' wheel
And rolled it ten times round
Would it travel far from here
Or would it just go round
Round and Round 

As a young
don't cry
I will only fly with you by my side
Baby I'm cornered now
Baby don't push me out
Lately I walk in doubt
Maybe it's crashing down
Baby can you
trailers backed up down by the elevators
Train track grain car'll roll in later
Get filled up and head on out in the world

It's harvest time in this
And the tractors just won't run 
Mom she's done the laundry 
I can see it waving on the line 
Now they've stayed together 
Through the pain and the strain
only a country girl can

She turns every head when she walks by
Lights up the room with her pretty smile
But you better stay away when she gets mad
And over in
the burnt yellow tent
by the frozen tractor, the
music was like electric sugar
And Zuzu Bolin played
'Stavin' Chain' and Mighty
this is not the only picture 
I don't of course I don't know what to do. 

But the road keeps winding through the afternoon 
And it doesn't know
It's love grown, down home, life is good in
My redneck of the woods

Tailgates, a hot date, a bonfire burnin' on the riverbank
Copenhagen, coolers,
games and polka bands 
Arts and crafts made by hand 
Pierogies, sweet corn on a stick 
Carnival rides think of it 
Now I am grown and miles away
wrong, I love these songs,
An' I know I've got it made.
Sometimes my mind starts driftin',
When I'm up here on the stage.
To that last half-mile
faith can bring to life
One who falls by the wayside

Only trust can inspire
A soggy nose to breathe fire

Only love
Only love...

It's only
We'll see we're the same on the inside
Can't let it, can't let hatred rule
Let your love in

Only love can conquer all
Only love can break
back of mine
Just when I thought it couldn't get no hotter
I fell in love with the farmer's daughter
We got married last spring
Whoa and there ain't no
'Cause it's an Anglo-Saxon in love with his doom
Who left such a cheeky shrine
Then all at once the daylight came / The river lay ahead
In it stood
One two three

Well you're not supposed to say the word "cancer",  in a song.
And tellin' folks Jesus is the answer, can rub 'em wrong.
It ain't
mind at all 
Will be the only love she's ever found 
It's in her blood 
Hungry love 

Marylou turned seventeen 
With a baby bouncing on her knee
just children
“Love comes as fast as it leaves
They think that they’ve built a foundation
Till life knocks them down with a breeze”

Living comes
farmer's hands.
I said -- I hate your father, it's so hard not to strike him.
She said --You know I love you because you're so much like him.

And so I'd