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) check it out
I`m in the mix like a blender

Stay right down the street from Paul from the Diamond Center
I used to cut grass for a livin`
But now I
to the local disco

Where'd you go, not to that ran down pub

Hell no, I was coolin at a club
It was Spanish night, so I was drinkin Molta
Doing a little tango,
a nigga, pop a wheelie on a motorbike
That bitch said you couldn't poke her right
So she lay the poker face, like it's poker night
I came turnt down

Champagne and pools, layin by the palm trees
What else do you want from me?
Is it the house that I live or the things that I can give am I
right now is a hustle like no other
One of grand proportions, can you dig it?
Now what we gon' do is
We gon' show all you petty hustlas out there
rolling all day, mix it in the champagne
And these bottles all free, not a single drink paid
'Cause they want me, they want me in their club
But if you got
petty hustlers out there
How to have it yo' way (okay); Get Dough Or Die (yeah) floss at all cost (yeah)
Cash out, mash out, brought to you by, Grand
Okay, on this computer, gon' see what it do
"Paul, you've got mail"
Let's see what new e-mails I've got
"I, I, I've got the internet goin' nuts"
a future of stress, stay depressed and be alone
But as far as the present time its on
I represent mine til I return to the S and said I'm dead and gone
know how to rap
[Cee:] Jaime, you got me fucked up!
[Pain:] Okay I'll let you try, but if Los doesn't like it I have to take you off
[Cee:] Just tell