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keep kicking holes in your speakers and pullin' plugs 
You emcee's is playing tug-a-war with your tongues 

Check it, Yo! 

The meter's showing
All of your vital signs

Say it's
Welcome to my world
You've been infected by a
Non-stop electronic girl
Say it's 
by law, and I'm from the Dogg Pound

It's the incredible, the lyrical
You can't be me, like niece; to see me is gonna take a miracle
up in the early morning
I heard a voice that showed me the things to come
And told me I had a choice
To build it three hundred cubits by fifty
Everybody step back from the mic
As I set it off
All playin' the wall
It's time to sweat it off
Anybody with staatic oh please try
I'll do ya like
stakes of lust through my heart
When all around us is lit
Our love will gleam like the vital spark
Into an ocean of reddish tears
We glide away, unite
the emcee raps
...Others say their bad but don't buck it
Remember that, I'm constantly comin with reverence
Off the rhyme time like a cocaine addict
I'm not
Cause I'm surrounded by garbage like Fred Sav 
And I can't seem to get away from it
I dreamed that I stabbed leviathan through the stomach,
that hide in our eyes

Please don't run
You wont get far
We're in each others' blood
Fate turns its back on us
Every time

Turn around
the street love
Each thug, is now reppin this with deep love
(Skills) Gang Starr duelin again rulin again
Watch as we do it again

Btohers are amused by
inner-city drive-by thing
Morning, fine, serve your first coffee of the day
Real privilege, it will take your problems all away
Number one, the best, no
a crappy deal
Least it came with a few toys like a happy meal
This game you could never win
'Cause they love you then they hate you then they love you
Mask imprints left behind by fortunetellers
Our vital bed lay grounded
You will never label us

Provocateur of turquoise ballets
So, what's your desire baby love?
Is it hands wrapped around mics
or fingers wrapped around triggas?
Eitha' way it go I'm dumpin' and I'm dippin'
This gaping wound from where you stole my vital organ. But keep it with you, a trophy for yourself. Still you linger for another gaze. Die away from me.
Yo introducing the improvement of a natural act
You hear this beat drop and watch it move the front to the back
And it's actually time to react
Vital stats - how white was their skin
Unimportant - just another inner-city drive-by thing
Morning - fine - serve your first coffee of the day
that is brain.
Miles of rough road!

Vital baggage is tossled gore, tossed off the truck
Everyone sees it in a certain way, everyone knows it as only
It started when we were little kids 
Free spirits but already tormented by our own hands
Given to us by our parents we got together
And wrote
It started when we were little kids 
Free spirits but already tormented by our own hands
Given to us by our parents we got together
And wrote
The most vital is what they say, more or less
It put my name upon my thigh
It makes me dance, it makes me cry
And when I touch it race cars burn rubber in
been a part of that throughout the years 
I'd like to send peace out to all my homeboys that kept it real
And love to all my niggas that have died out
the wives, the mothers, and children are mourning

Love, as vital to life
As blood to heart
Conquers pain
Lest death intrudes by means of its
From now and forever its the Likwit Emcee

"From now and forever its the Likwit Emcee" [Scratched by Tony Touch]

and the Bible
He talked how he smoked dope and sold it for survival
He talked about the ancestors, in our lives they're vital
He said y'all niggas love