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gin 'fore youu get to sinnin' on them busters
Emptied his clip, passed by like he didn't know me
Everybody duckin', my fuckin' lil' homies

Lil' homies
Drinkin gin 'fore youu get to sinnin' on them busters
Emptied his clip, passed by like he didn't know me
Everybody duckin', my fuckin' lil' homies

Get it.. right, nigga
They all know Lil' Weezy ride at.. night, nigga
I dip low, and I'm strapped up.. tight, nigga
Duct tape your momma,
what?, Look I ain't have nothin' to do with killin'
Slow down, I'm talking bout some get money shit an how its gonna go down
(Lil Wayne)
the way I feel

And it's high lonesome
High lonesome heartbroken and blue
High lonesome
Lil? darling I'm lonesome for you

Do you ever get weary roamin'
let it goooo

Yo, they call me Mr. Intellectual, I keep a bunch of vegetables
Carrots and the broccoli, how the hell can you stop me?
Naughty by
To let me drop her off by this nigga 
Off the river 
She ridin with me thinkin that it's cool and shit 
She don't think I know that she let her live
this match and blow away your ashes


[Mr. Lil One]
Doomsday, I'm back for the pay it's a smoker
A bullet pocker, taken over
Better break wide
tu area
Causando desmadre, Ponte Trucha

[Verse One: Mr. Shadow and Lil' Rob]
As I enter I'm gonna representer Mayhem Click
So Let The Mayhem Begin
I know they miss you

It seems like everybody, everybody, everybody
Everybody forgotten about me
Will I ever, ever, ever! Be free?
guard ya grill
'cause where ya goin you gotta watch your back
Judge, god damn another nigga didn't make it back (Mr.C)
My lil brother Kevin Miller rest
[Mr. Lil One]*Talkin*
Yo this is what we fin to do

[Chorus: Mad One (Mr. Lil One)]
Let's ride ride, slip and slide
(From my side to your side)
[Featuring Mac] 

[Master P] 

Dear Mr. President i live in the hood 

Where people live bad 

But say its all good 

And my homies
[Mr. Shadow]
Quivole Mr. Shadow Lil Rob VMF
On the board for the 98 and it won't stop
Check It

[Mr. Shadow]
It is I the unfadable lyricist
I gotta get it by myself, I get this money by myself
I swear I do it like it's two of me
I'm Lil Durk two times yeah, I'm Lil Durk two times
Five minutes to midnight and the mood is right
A lot of wine, a 'lil music, slow dancing by candlelight
Can't you feel it inside you there's

Yippee ki yo, yippee yay, lil' mama
Yippee ki yo, yippee yay, lil' mama
Yippee ki yo, yippee yay, I met myself a cowgirl
What she want? Put me on

Break it
jeans sagin

Down south we some ghetto stars
When we havin sex it's minashatwa

[Lil' Flip]
Down south I hope y'all know it's hot as hell
'm the one that say my name
Lil' Romeo

Whats my name?


Y'all love me

Yeah we do

In the tick, tryin ta think
Ain't no limit
Lock it down
Where you from?
(Where you from? Claim your set!)
Goin' up, goin' up, goin' up

I met a lil bitch on the islands
She show me it was why she be on it
[Mr. Lil One]
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Lil One, GHP, Traveiso
CLMT, hehe you know this
Try to take me for mine, but I'ma take you for
clips they gon' bust it at your lip
Hollow tips they gon' rip through your gang
I keep my squad with me, I keep my squad with me
I said, lil bitch
Everybody forgotten about me..
Will I ever, ever, EVER, be free?
Huh, uh, HUH?

[Lil Wayne - Verse 1ne]
Just when they thought it was safe
I picked up
You know lil mama the baddest bitch on the south coast
I got these fuck niggas
Trippin' off they house note
Cause I'm off the glass with it
Lets rock, lets rock, lets rock wit it,
And lets rock wit it,
Lets rock wit it,
Lets rock.

(Nos fuimos lejos, c'mon)

I'm gonna hop on a plane