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of these emotions are pouring out of me
I bring them to the light for you
It's only right
This is the soundtrack to my life (yeah, yeah)
The soundtrack to my
you do it mom, huh?
She copped the toys I would play with in my room by myself, why he by himself?
He got two older brothers, one hood, one good
a dream I had bricks like transporter
Change my life like Steph Curry in the fourth quarter
What if you drove by a playground and witness
Michael Jordan
ain't in my game plan
In some chalk

It's The Jacka
Mista Cali Co packa
I got the
The major slice in a Acura
Imagine bein' brought
No clothes, no
the Bondsmen. Keepin' it gutta
Wit my people. The thug life, back to back
Catchin misdemeanors.. The drug life, servin'
Junkies in front the cleaners.
And I knock on virgin hoe
So and if ya dick fit
'cause it's dank and drink
Ya got me thinkin by the quick lick
I'm big wit the .44
This ain't an indo
niggaz stay strapped

'cause ain't nothin' out here but hustlas
Drugs smugglas, and Reel Life ghetto strugglas

Young niggaz stay strapped

'cause ain't
powder, puff ya dro, come wit it
Jackas and the police at yo do, come wit it
Come to my dough, I come wit it, the gun split it, you gone get it
And if you
party with my life in the game 
You know its all the same

The Jacka
The YAY AREA yeah boi that where I'm from 
Pushed enough coke to have the whole world
Shawty so crunk she comin out her clothes
dick so big got caught in her thoart.
do it hurt?(yeah) do it hurt?(hell yeah)
one nut, two
I miss my fuckin' homeboys
Why they kill the Jack?
Life just really ain't fair where we livin' at
Gelato with the Cognac
Haters wanna hold me
rap niggaz I'm the one
With basic rhyme pattern, how the fuck you tryin' to jacka
Basic ass rappas, got 'em running for they life
I philosophies about
First of all you gotta have nuts 

Don't give a fuck 

Nigga's duck when I bust 

'cause they know if I miss it ain't by much 

Thinkin short like
trunk exposed
Swishahouse baby that's my crew roll wit us or you'll get ran through
We loved by few and still true let me tell yall jus wat it do
to it
PARTY sent my jackas to it
Drama bring the Mac into it
And this scope will get your mouth washed when I attach it to it
Gold on my neck, I make
This song was first released on the John Denver Album. It is the only album it has been released on.

Life is so good
Life is so good these days
the ceiling
To the flo
Till that hoe don't want no more
That bitch better have my dough
suck it(repeated over)
lick it (repeated over)

I smoke by myself
Little by little by little by little by little
Little by little by little by little by little

You're messing up my life
Tearing me apart
Little by little by little by little by little
Little by little by little by little by little

You're messing up my life, tearing me apart
Little by little by little by little by little
Little by little by little by little by little

You're messing up my life
Tearing me apart
Jesus, born a man
Jesus, crucified by man
I'm thinking that Jesus
Wanted man to be free
Jesus, He got out of hand

Jesus was living the life
Thinking 'bout the people gone by
Screaming that I don't want to die
Well you can push your head
But don't you push it too far

Thinking 'bout it's
Awake all night
Look through my life
Some darkened rings
With a few bright highlights

Took it all down
All of written sound
Life that was
on swiftly passes life by while life rides the train time always flies
Life rides the train for some it moves slow
Some never find where their train of life
Spread the words
Truth will grow
Life is love
And love is free, it lives in the soul

One by one, two by two
So much done, so much to do
One by one