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think cause it's been so long
If I had something on you I woulda did it by now
Oh on the contrary, Mary Poppins
I'm mixing our studio session down
fuckin' without protection
'Cause Jim fucks Ann, then fucks Susie
Then runs across town to go fuck Stevie
Thinking he's a player, trying to get over
steam drill only made nine
Lawd, Lawd, an' de steam drill only made nine

De hammer dat John Henry swung'
It weighed over nine pound 
He broke a rib
Over Trinidad and the little Islands
Then over St. Thomas and over Portland
And over Negril mon by Westmoreland
And St. Elizabeth mon to Claredon
Verse 1:
Check it, I catch more heat than a histitic jew
You catch two thumbs down like a Matty Rich movie review
Your individuality is missing like
at war with the rappers
Good black women sleep over at Cappa's
I fall into it, Mr. September
Rock my long FUBU shirt in the winter
I respect my kind,