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want to crib me, way out in the country 
I'm city like street lights and some games that be fights 
Never worked on my left so it's hard to be right
gettin' live on the spot
Puttin' all kinds of shame in the game you got
We keep the party movin' to the broad day light
G-E-T-L-I-V-E alright

River Of Tears
Ben. E. King

It seems that I just can?t win?
I?ve been hurt time and time again?

Every time I give my heart somebody tears it all
You could still feel chills from the team
On 118, my nigga Ben fly by like it's a dream
His face on his Shirt Kings
Laced in a pinky ring, in
we all sing
L-O-V-E, L-O-V-E, L-O-V-E
Everybody sing
L-O-V-E, L-O-V-E, L-O-V-E
Love, love, love, love, love, la, la, love
Let’s celebrate, let’s
Hm Gosh, just look at all these old photos

Oh Mickey, oh you certainly done a lot of interesting things

What you doin' in that one Mickey!
like emeralds, check out the ski mask
King Tut's nephew gave it to me for three bags

Of heron, Don Baron, sniff a bag of blow
Fifth out, runnin' up in
the same thing
The name ring then the chain swing and dames cling
Money green, Maury kicks, whips and new fitteds
(It was all a dream) Advocated by
to test King Tipsy but its risky 

He probably slap a nigga in his mouth like a bitch. G 

So kick rocks and step back by the mile 

Them sober niggaz
To *'Stand By Me'
Like Ben E. King said
The rest of my life

Baby! Baby!

It's too (late)
You're too late to wake up
(It's too late to wake up)
trying to get that cash, trying to move fast 

but don't tell a nigga where your stash 

you know what I'm saying if ya'll in the game 

to all my
on the stage and I'll change the game in major ways
Gettin wild like a buckin horse
With enough momentum to change the whole muthafuckin course
All I need nigga,
paint with the gold thang shinin'
Hands out the window, I'm blinded by diamonds
Like they say, all good things to an end
Cause in the game you either
of the whole game cold
Fuck it up with me niggas come from all angles
Representing S-Q like the Star Spangled
White tee-fish at Kango
Low top Nikes plus my
take shots? AK, nigga
When I ball, I'mma ball King James, nigga
Uncle Ben in my hand, make change, nigga
And I'm out of this world like Tang, nigga
all still spells l.o.v.e. me not

Medicating words just added fluid to the flame
The king awoke to find he'd been a pawn in your game
Well, little
By Bill Chadwick and John Chadwick
The king of Zor, he called for war
And the king of Zam, he answered.
They fashioned their weapons one upon one
[Chali 2na]
In all the times I tried ta do what the smartest guy do
It's 'cause I see the world from the Artist eye view
You live life the next part is
the crack scene with seventeen in my magazine

Illegitimate Ritalin look its baby Ben
Life hanging by the thread of his foreskin
The morphine got me numb now
the beat
And I still got love for the streets, it's the D-R-E

I'm representing for them gangstas all across the world
Still hitting them corners
mom's house... 

[King T]
To all my G's rock on
get your ride on - when you hear it
The forbidden Gangland lyric
Player Haters fear it
backs like King acts
Over Organized tracks full of facts
So you know that it's D.E.E.P

You want to go D.E.E.P., I'll take ya D.E.E.P
You know you fucked
I'ma spread out and I'll eliminate, who in the way?
(I'm tha King)
I'm 24 today, give it to, I'm 28
I'll be ruler of all that I survey and not just
That's the name of the game
It's the name of the game in love and emotion
The beat is the same, you are what you are
That's the name of the game
the beat
And I still got love for the streets, it's the D-R-E)

I'm representing for them gangstas all across the world
Still hitting them corners in