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There was a lonely place that I used to know
it used to lie way down deep in my soul
until I met this fly guy we caught each others eye
by then i
Ah no the fights out 
somebody's about to get their lights knocked out
A little opera for ya 
Capricorn, Cash Money, Nivea, Jive Miss Nivea
you think you all that.
NV:bye keith.
RK:nivea. Hello


NV:you's a liar cheating son of a
the way you do me boy I'm tired taking you shit
all of my creations, they never would die
I told you dirty jed clampett tried to front me some weight
This time he pushed me in his house, and had it
Everyday that goes by wen I'm with you
Every minute I spend with you
Oh how bad it hurts
Just to think it wouldn't work
I confess I'm into you, do what
the backward baseball hats on
Past the billboard sign for the Wonder Bra 

And it's all lit up like it was MTV
And I freeze my face so nobody notices me

De whole thang down, 'cept de nivea lotium!

Rub it on good, now!

An de royal crown!

Take good care
like a magnet
The way that crazy always sticks with its own kind
I don't believe in ESP, but you can read my mind

Good people know
Good people know
For givin' me all of them
To get me by
Take my money, take my rings
I'd trade it all for just three things
Good friends, good whiskey, and good
a good good 
Good good time tonight 
Try forget it all 
'Cause it will still be there tomorrow, 
You can be sure, it will still be there for us all
I saw what I had, so
I got, I got mad, so
I guess I went bad, so

Now I search for new endeavors
Push my buttons, wear my levers

Who says it's good
and they never get home
I wouldn't change it even if I could
You know what they say, man, it's all good
It's all good
All good

Brick by brick, they tear you
Ain't it funny, time goes by, you forget about your pain, 
Find yourself, with someone else, fall in love again. 

Ain't it good, so good, you
But the man
Is still alive
Oh, oh, oh
It’s good to be king

Standing together again
Everyone is starting to sway
I wanna hit all the clubs
the pudding
I can taste it all the time
You been spiced so good
I'm sure glad you're mine
I'm not ashamed
To let everybody know
I never never never
I had a revelation all is well right now
It's all good right now
It's all good right now
It's all good right now

These are the good old days
to be able just to pay the price
The price it took to set him free
I never heard a single "thank you" at all
You'd think by now I could see

To be without desire 
Destroys a different style
To let her pass you by
it's no good

If only we could walk away
With all this out my way
on a velvet sky
You demand the answers but don't know why
In my mind there is no time

Yeah little things they make me so happy
All I want to do is live by
Yes, it is, honey
Something good's gonna happen to you
Well, all right now

I lost all faith in man
But you took by my hand
Said that I looked
by, passing by
Catch the train of better times
Rock tonight

Hard times go
As soon as the good times roll
Hard times go
As soon as the good times
by, passing by
Catch the train of better times
Rock tonight

Hard times go
As soon as the good times roll
Hard times go
As soon as the good times
down, good people
Good shit's all around, it?s all about

Good people now, good shit, I'm on fire
Directing traffic on the disco floor

Well, one by one,
Your studied drama phase
It's a little out of date
You said for my pains
I'd get your good good days

I'm all tangled up
By this restlessness
good, I'm no good to anyone after loving you

Your precious love cannot be erased by just another woman with a pretty face
And your memory, you know it