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Good morning boys and girls
We're all going for a ride in Brian's Magic Car
We'll soon be on our way and drive two thousand miles an hour
used to have actors in films and now that they--
Paul: Yes?
John: Hey! Listen!
Paul: It's all changed, now, Brian. They're not doing that, no actors.
think it is ticking," said Brian

Brian O'Linn and his wife and wifes mother
They all went home oer a wee bridge together
The bridge it was narrow,
Brian Matthew: Is that it? Is that the end?
Paul: Yeah, yeah, that's it.
John: Fade, fade!
Brian: Good track. Oh, well, we'll stop
dream of Brian peter George St John Le
Baptiste De La Salle Eno

Well all alone by the oldest stone where the shade
Trees grow the creature by
the hill

Shake shake mama like a ship going out to sea
Shake shake mama like a ship going out to sea
You took all my money and you gave it to Richard Lee
Brian Matthew: Before we hear another song, fellows, there is a few things I'd like to ask you. First of all, do you ever get tired
That she is the reincarnation of my stillborn half-sister
Her spirit is not EVIL, nor is it GOOD
All it wants, is to make things right again
So spare
(Red Simpson - Dean Holloway)
« © '68 Airfield Music »

I think we're livin' in the good old days
We're all by your side
But you're all alone and we're going home
And we're by you side
But you're all alone like a rolling stone
Like Brian
[Father O'Brian]
They're seriously saying it's prolonging me life,
If I'll only submit to the surgical knife?
But what are the odds on a month
might be

It's Brian
Brian has an STD

I'm sorry
When we're all in a crowd
And you catch her eye
And then you both smile
I feel so good inside
And when I'm with her
She talks about you
Time: 1:48 beach bum music bmi
Producer: brian wilson/russ titelman
Mixed by hugh padgham assisted by bob vogt at a & m recording studios
Time: 2:52 beach bum music bmi/beachead music, inc. ascap
Producer: brian wilson/russ titelman
Engineered by jim linker and rob klohs at dolphin
Homer: Born under a bad sign,
Been down since I began to crawl.
If it wasn't for bad luck,
You know, I wouldn't have no luck at all.

Hard luck
Why it can't be any other way
Any other way

Since you drained all the color out of the sky
How am I supposed to feel?
It's like I'm
were good friends of mine

Mary took her life in a hotel room
Brian hung himself from a cell in the tombs
Bobby jumped in front of a subway train
Orbison Tour. I'm a regular listener of 'Pop Go the Beatles,'" good lad, "and,
please, tell the boys that all the girls in our office think it is a fab
The mother of invention made it good for me
Tighter in the rear
Longer in the seam
Kicked out yards of leather
Wrapped around her waist
the throat.
Linda died in alan's coat.
You read it all in brian's note.
(You're never going home.)

Covered by stone,
Feeling alone,
And never
looks so sweet and young
Eyes quickly shift to Jack Kevorkian

Uneven and tidal all with exit policies
Followed by anti-ballistic migraines
And Brian
Oh Yeah
Roxy Music
Brian Ferry

Some expression in your eyes
Overtook me by surprise
Where was I how was I to know'
How can we drive
bevies and have a good sup,
I'll no part o' this fancy O' Brian's dreamed up,
Find some other idiot to pilot your craft,
And tomorrow ye'll be sober.
by the way you're simultaneously playing piano
Pan flute, maracas and a gong next to me right now

It almost makes me regret calling you fat