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Billy, take the whole world by surprise

Ska is not dead
night city
Money, money, money
Summer night city

Money, money, money
In the rich man's world

Den går på band!
throw it in your face the first chance they get
I know I sound upset
Been disappointed, by every chick I ever met
Ever met, ever met, ever met
around when you first busted a sag 

I hear you're kicking down with your ska shit, watch it! 

It might be some trendy ass bullshit 

I guess I hear where
bout da endin of da world today.. COME!

I got a attitude as thick as a convict's
Bomb ticks, my heart beats as I rhyme over hard s***
calling, see I've fallen into love
With ska, dub and the dope dancehall.
It seized me by the collar and it hollered you've been mollycoddled long enough.