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we after
Don't let it all pass you by

Open up your heart
Jiggle it a little, it'll open
Tickle it a little' it'll fly
Right on up to the sky
you all the reasons
Love is something worth believing

Ooohh (When we get together) oooh (It'll be forever)
Oooh (When we get together) yeah

If we get
the same
I know them so damn well
I can call them all out by name

Fade away
Karma never forgets
It'll be one hell of a war
Before you rise against me
at all
Day after Thanksgiving at the Middletown Mall

Anna's feet seem to be fixed to the spot
Where Pete said he'd meet her, he must have forgotten
make its presence felt
Come on in, we haven't slept for weeks
Drink some of this, it'll put color in your cheeks

They came in by the dozens, walking
life worth living
Bur now and then miracles still happen
Oh I know they do cause I found you.

It'll always be a mystery
That in all this world you
have been
It'll catch up to us and destroy everything else as well
I know we were never perfect
But it was more than worth it
And we don't deserve it
Oh, could it be they've finally found
A love worth waiting for

Then in the tender yuletide bliss
They share an unexpected kiss
The season loves
Happiness so hard to come by
So good while it lasts
Some people say
That it ain't worth pursuing
'Cause it's always moving too fast

Still I wonder
It can happen any moment
Without reason or rhyme
It might be right around the corner
Or it'll come up from behind
A picture that I thought would fade
gotta find you  don't care how long it takes 
I know when I do it'll be worth the wait 
With God as my witness and love as my guiding star 
Maybe Miami
See I found out
I can just sleep in on a stormy day

That sun's gonna shine and given the time
It'll be clear again
Out of the hole, back in
Love can be a many splendored thing
Can't deny the joy it brings
A dozen roses, diamond rings
Dreams for sale and fairy tales
It'll make you hear
Love can be a many splendored thing
Can't deny the joy it brings
A dozen roses, diamond rings
Dreams for sale and fairy tales
It'll make you hear
a poor little beggar girl
I'll dance with my peg leg a-wiggling at the knee
I'll play on the accordion my father gave to me
For it's well worth it all
watched you asleep
Face down in the grass
In the park in the middle of a hot afternoon
Your top was untied
And I thought 'how nice it'll be the fall of your
world that's mine

You can hang the blame on the wall
It'll be a frame around us all deluged by stickers and billboards
The conversation turns to war
charity he says I ain't no beggar man
All I need is a chance to get back on my feet
But we just pass him by well it could be you or me
I've seen enough
other very much
So go ahead and make up

No matter how hard you try
There ain't no gettin' by the hard time
Its always gonna be something
take all night
But we'll do it 'til we get it right
And we'll be standin' by the same
Standin' by the same

Well, we'll be standin' by the same old
Down a winding gravel road
There's an old country church
A stranger who just passes by
Will never know it's worth

But you can walk in any
Oh I must say, my hearts on fire
Since I've been away,
Since I last saw your face.

Oh come what may, it'll all get right
And lonely old nights

Don't look on my cold form in pity
Don't think of me as one dead
It'll just be the house I once lived in
My spirit, by then, will have fled

thinking could be anybody's guess

All I'm after is the sun and the summer nights
By the seashore, don't want no more neon lights
Just the sand
After we make love
It's so good to be lost in the afterglow
All I'm dreaming of
I just can't let the feeling go 

After we make love 
I feel