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could you fill with all the people killed in war, 
Now you look me in my eyes and tell me whats its good for.

Battlecry Remix
As interpolated by Bone

You're starin' straight into a barrel of hate, terrible fate
Not even a slim chance to make a narrow escape
Cupid shot his arrow and missed,
Escape whenever you want
They don’t know
How I hit it by the fire
And your legs stretch wider and it just get tighter
They don’t know
That you
the hypocrites
Or side with the suckers, by choice
It makes no difference, that you're a product of environment
Is just coincidence, the world's a violent place
nobody does it the same
When we leave the stage we're sure that you remember the name

You faggot mc's always compare one another
Studio 2000's where you
and the handle breaks
Kick my door open, dive out, feeling some escape

"We said vows and shit, that shits' for life right?!
Yeah, that shit's until death,