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her stuff
And oh yeah, by the way shes the best
Yolanda is fresh!
Oh yeah, yeah oh Yolanda, oh yeah, yeah you look so fine
Oh yeah, yeah oh Yolanda
oh tell me now who do you love, who do you love, who can you trust with your love these days... yolanda hayes yolanda hayes

courter to four,
the point of having enough?
Your very own mother starts coughing you up
Adam, Adam
I thought you were smart

What you're looking for is right before your
ear wants to hear sex, it hears sex. Hmm. Let's move on to
Someone else. Sir, what's your name?

Uh hi my name is Ron.

[Adam Sandler]:
gonna take our journey, Adam and I.

We'll ignore all boarders, for our spirit must stay free,
Free as the wind that blows, there's so much for you
I can tell by the look on your face 
It's another day of fasting 
I can tell by the length of the shadow 
That your face is casting 
And you look
Now open your altar of love

I'm washed upon a shore, I can feel the water tickling my pussy
I know this is a dream, but what I feel feels so real
And thorns and thistles all the days of your life. 

Pain and toil and pain and toil and pain and toil, through it you will eat. 
Pain and toil and pain
thang right here
Ya know
But just to let them know what time it is
And how we get down
Me kokane and battlecat
Gone let y'all know how we do this
to good old days.
The more I think about it, all I'd really wanna do
Is watch the world end with you.

I'd lay down in a field by your side
And watch every
tell you my mind.
My mind is to drown you and leave you behind."

"Have mercy on my baby and spare me my life,
I'll go home as a beggar and never be your
Oh, listen to my story, I'll tell you no lies,
How John Lewis did murder poor little Omie Wise. 
He told her to meet him at Adams's Springs.
dream, a dream named "A Love Supreme"
And when I look into your face... Is that the devil on a racehorse?

Adam & Eve couldn't live apart
Their love
an ill real way
Got 6 rides in your little drive-way
You get mad puff-lie all day
Make plans with your crime family
Get money money, take money money
Adams, dear Mr. Adams
I've been presented with a new son by the noble stork
So I am going to celebrate and pop the cork
With all the Livingstons
gangsta, he the remix
Girl do you use that same mouth to kiss your mama?
I say only God can judge me, fuck your honor
Yeah, her birthday suit is her
with all your might
Or you might not see daylight, AK might spray your night
The total eclipse at night
The force is fly (high), shootin' out shit
Summoned by your fear
His power begins to rise
Pain is all that's left
Await your swift demise
Impaled upon the spike of hate
Twisted visions
and subdividing the seed
The knowledge of Good and Evil is what caused us to lie
Caused us to die
Let your emotions be crucified
Renounce all your thoughts
I was sitting on a rock, just
Waiting for a key
To sleep inside the house
Of old serenity

So I climbed onto your altar
Begged, please don't
and place on an altar
You can call your god, I'll call the Lord
And the one who answers by fire, he is God"

Calling and babbling, ancient chanting arose
Make plans with your crime family
Get money money, take money money
Get money money, take money money

By age 19 Tyheim is turned out
He ain't talkin'
Once in a life
We lived in a sanctuary
A song could get us free
Slept behind the altar
Only the singer saw

Now it is gone, years on
Times we
Cain, firstborn son of Adam
You killed your brother Abel.
Now bear a mark of God in your eyes

Pain is (the) sing of your symbol
And you'll be
and worship,
Come and worship,
Worship Christ, the newborn King!

Shepherds, in the fields abiding,
Watching o'er your flocks by night,
God with man is now