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To this familiar feeling
We say it all without

Hush now
No need to say the words
At first sight you perfectly heard
Love in all its entirety
Is no
And I stare out this dirty window
As this world goes slowly by
And somewhere out there is the future
That I once thought had passed me by

all seems so familiar, familiar)
Struggle in the game (It all seems so familiar, familiar), they left the hood for change
(It all seems so familiar
to Vermilion Sands

Hold me in familiar hands
Take me to Vermilion Sands
My heart is an alligator
Better watch your step - watch your step

This heat is
princess in the attic
Realize this picture that
Is more than she will hope for

Happy when her heart is jumping
Desperately seeking something
by the ears
I swear, this shit is so much bigger than I had figured
But if it wasn’t meant to be this wouldn’t be my career
It’s like, people only
You don`t think for me
Or see what I see
And I will not do the things that you say
An explanation if I may
I don`t like you and by the way

This emptiness is it what I've chosen
The feeling of death fill me like a curse
It seems so strange but somehow quite familiar
Familiar and cold
you’ll take this world by surprise
Incarceration fatalities just a nigga reality
Know we moving the weight, just know we ain't burning calories
Only got
It sheltered me from nothing but the weather
I called it home for a moment of my life
This place I see just doesn't look familiar
I wonder if it
Can you tell me where I might find the Hydra?
Is he wearing a familiar face?
Does he still live below Seventh Avenue
With the princess dipped in
in her living room and
Your scent is vaguely familiar
To her who cradled you in her womb

the magnet mississippi stole your breath
As you sunk into
first guitar,
The grass verge by the pig flats where we sat and revved our cars,
This is home.

Home, nothing ever changes.
Home, and I wouldn't want
are fine and the world is mine on Blue Bayou 
Where those fishin boats with their sails afloat, if I could only see 
That familiar sunrise through
is mine
On Blue Bayou
Where those fishing boats
With their sails afloat
If I could only see
That familiar sunrise
Through sleepy eyes
How happy I'd be
I feel alright
As long as the sun is bright
Soon as the clouds come rolling by
Big tears form in my eyes

Can't explain
How I feel when the sky is
may know it by another name


This is hell, this is hell.
and shiver inside when planets collide
lifetimes slip by in these circles

circles, days bleed into one grey mass
as distinction is blurred,words are all
And the world is mine on Blue Bayou

Where those fishing boats with their sails afloat
If I could only see
That familiar sunrise through sleepy
The girl in the other room
She knows by now
There's something ain't know other fears
Now she wears this thread bare
She sits on the floor
can make the exchange.
Say good-bye with three words and pray this won't happen again.
The deepest scars are made by the most familiar blades.
"Flashback by demons of mine vigil waiting for dusk
Eternal hours of celebration, join them to receive this bliss...
Measure the weight of decisive
This cold floor we know too well
Hearts poisoned with pride
Black blood dotting our warmth
Ending our contentment

This place is a contorted altar
Come oh come away Heather
Who is the boy that you keep by your arm
Drags a cat around by a tether
Who is the boy that you keep by your arm

You’re at my house at midnight 
To reconcile 
I call you “honey” by mistake 
It’s been awhile 

We all fall back 
Into our old familiar roles