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forever, "Do I love you?"
Do ask forever

A rose is a rose by any name
But a thorn will still cut you just the same
I'm losing your love, I know, so sad
way forever 

Idle daylight 
I've never caught you in a lie 
Not until now 
I feel somehow
The passing of these days gone by 
What will you do
When they ask will I stand
Right there beside you
And they don't see you and me
The way that I do
I'll say forever
I'll say forever for you
I always thought I'd have the answers 
Nothing would get in my way 
I always thought we would last forever 
till my love changed 
And all
go any further 
'Cause I suddenly remembered 
We can't live this way forever 
Idle daylight, oh 
I've never caught you in a lie 
Not until now 
to stay?
Best friends forever
Should never have to go away
What will I do?
You know I'm only half without you
How will I make it through?

If only
gone by
And, still, they're not dry

If only tears could bring you back to me
If only love could find a way
What I would do, what I would give if you'd

In my dreams,
I solve the problem by removing it
My wish is to see you grovel
Like you once forced me to!

There's no other way, here's my
this way;
Hurt by love.

So tell me what this is all about,
Your sudden change, and sudden doubt?
Baby, I gave you everything I had,
And everything
by destiny
But the time never came
It sounds so lame
Is it all just my vanity?
Am I the only one to feel the sun
Exactly the way I do?
When you
By the way you brought me here,
It makes believe the best is yet to come and I don't want to leave.
Forgive my hesitation but I'm learning to trust
sharing on a personal note
A secret I have concerning the coat

one of the reasons that it got my vote
Is the way it lies open around the throat

for me
like to go to Morrow so can I go today and get to Morrow by tonight if there is no delay?"
"Well, well," said he to me, "and I've got no more to say.
you'd stay away
Cause I can't take the pain you bring me sometimes
You told me that you'd never loved this way before
And that nobody every gave you
Now, who'd of thought, we'd end up this way,
Talkin' to each other, like the enemy
There's really only three words, I should say
But even if I
Inside I know it's real
It's like a dejavu

There's no doubt that you are special, baby
So this song is sentimental, really
I don't wanna see you worry
to me

I knew you had to go one day
And hoped you'd soon come back and stay
Because I surely know
It was way too good to let it go
I still trust in you
you and keep your arms from reach

I'm really asking you to stay
But the only way that I know how
Is by riddle or by game
It seems no one wants
you'd just stop and walk away
We'll go our own separate ways
'Cause it's too late
I just can't stay

Stare at you as you slit my wrist
And as we
you like Jodeci
I want to get to know you but chu' never look my way out
Too busy hustlin' breakin' them tricks and makin' pay out
So I stay out cho'
I was still aware of those around me
I could hear their cries and sense their grief
But was physically incapable
Of responding to them in any way
or size
We're coming after you so hide
And if you have any other plans you'd better forget about it

A body, needs more and more, can't sleep, till
willed woman had an angels heart
The holes in these wings don't allow me to fly
So you'd better brace for a life of pain,
And if fate is the path
the funky frown
What do you know, the voice is back in town
Mom would say it would soon go away
You and I knew it was here to stay
But the man helped you
and a whip
It don’t matter 'cause whatever it is, whatever it is
With you by my side I'ma do it forever
I'ma do this forever, I'ma do it forever
I'ma do