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They can't believe it's you I'm with

Is this where you live
Don't blush as I brush your touch
No need for any speed or rush
All you own is
of the ancient war
We need great golden copulations

The fathers are cackling in trees of the forest
Our mother is dead in the sea
Do you know we are being
recommended documentation proving the fact that they in existense
And do live in outer space
You can argue the points but the proof is there 

For the love
The dying age of these
Feeble beings is closing
What should we do with their lives
Forgive them for trespass
Spare them termination
Or let them die
by the myth of your monolith
Like a perfect face is drawn by the scar

And was caught in the pour
From a blast in the core
Like a super-heated samovar
Years of the clock go by
How long will you wait for a sign
It seems fiction is hard to break
Forward out of the darkness

Walls of time must
There's no way to divide the beauty of the sky from the wild western plains. 
Where a man could drift, in legendary myth, by roaming over spaces.

Near by the door, broken by storm
An unknown symbol is
It's dark with dust and turned in black
But it shining without light
No reasons for
you can buy beer at gas stations

The myth is real - let's eat

Pagan priests first used perfume
To mask the smell of burning flesh
Back in ancient Rome
got it all worked out for Africa
And in our naivety we believe myths and overconsume
And give them our consent
Dying in the shadow of the USA
the quicker it
Finds you

Seeds in seeds to be, the past is now and the future's gone, still trying to
Figure out what went wrong
A ritual to be burned by
My mind is clearer now
At last
All too well
I can see
Where we all
Soon will be
If you strip away
The myth
From the man
You will see
How can you believe the lies bestowed upon you by a false creed when the truth is right in front of you?
They consume and hide the real truth
called to live in the name of archaic myths

To refuse them is like to fly with no fear to sink
Into the eternal and primordial sleep
To sink into
of the ancient war
We need great golden copulations

The fathers are cackling in trees of the forest
Our mother is dead in the sea
Do you know we are being
the steel, the fading rust
And the fields I used to play in....
My friends are famous and all my foes live happy
Loved by lycra, fooled by velcro
And fucked by
trying to decide who's the victim, what's the crime?
No rest for the mind
That's seen it all before

And I don't know where he lives
But he's a myth
you now
Your hair blown by winds from afar

Sometimes don't you feel like the woman
You think I think you are

It's just smoke
But it's in flesh
to sit
Where you wanted me to sit

But my will is weak
And I'm tired of cold feet
Thought you wanted it to last
Thought you wanted it to last

the mute
Building dreams of love finding their way through it
They are turned into myths, a beacon of hope

Live that you might find the answers
My mind is clearer now.
At last all too well
I can see where we all soon will be.
If you strip away The myth from the man,
You will see where we
Smoking barrel in hand, the ground is covered by magnificent light. 
I just shot an angel, it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. 
A clean
Maybe they will see how it feels
Amazin' how when you change your perspective
Certain myths come tumbling down
The things you hate in yourself are
Is it time for you to settle down?
Yet your tiredness and sadness keep my spirits up
And the guns and greed that is in your heart
Is what a deputy
body is curled in a U shape
I put on my best, but I'm still afraid
Propped by lies and promises, saving my place as life forgets
Maybe it's time I saw