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I'm a bust my shit 
Scary niggas in your click ain't prepare for this 
Double eye slugs and twelve gauge think this 
Hit em with the AP 9 or the M 1
or die, nigga 
Nine's nigga's time's tickin' when I blow your mind, nigga 
Call me AP-9, nigga, boogie's when we rhyme, nigga 
I hit the block and have
Motivated by Mob-type tactics, I'll blow your block up 
???? sip to Cosby, out the game every time 
Me and the Mob Figgas'll do the dirt and choke the 9's
take up space
At your place, but then you start to wake up
Groove goes to fade, introductions are made
Love my name is Serch, now step for some shade
fascinated by the way the been
Shake a heel from side to side back to back
In fact, I know the hoe from around the hood
Hang around all the time
But the bitch
This piece was constructed
For the cats who even had the audacity to think a derogatory thought about myself
I shall not wait, be