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these lil niggas be murking niggas
Project baby, no father figure
Only 15 and he a father nigga
Spend all day tryna rob a nigga
20 lil jits and they
I gotta get it by myself, I get this money by myself
I swear I do it like it's two of me
I'm Lil Durk two times yeah, I'm Lil Durk two times
back at me as soon as you can
We gotta show 'em what we are all about homie
Let the Mayhem begin, que no?

[Verse Two: Lil' Rob and Mr. Shadow]
cause they tote they shit

I keep a couple killers round me cause I don't really fuck with a whole lot of dudes
Wanna rob me well I might rob you but wen
gin 'fore youu get to sinnin' on them busters
Emptied his clip, passed by like he didn't know me
Everybody duckin', my fuckin' lil' homies

Lil' homies
Drinkin gin 'fore youu get to sinnin' on them busters
Emptied his clip, passed by like he didn't know me
Everybody duckin', my fuckin' lil' homies

[Mr. Shadow]
Quivole Mr. Shadow Lil Rob VMF
On the board for the 98 and it won't stop
Check It

[Mr. Shadow]
It is I the unfadable lyricist
the clean black Cadillac
Hittin' the fronts and the back see I'm still ridin' like that

[Lil Rob]
This shit is easy it comes natural to me
But that's no
[Intro: Romeo (Lil' D)]
Gs Up
Cookie Monster J.R.
(G.U. Double T.A.)
(Gutta in the building homeboy)

[Hook x2: Romeo (Lil' D)]
Sit n low 24s yes,
jealous people

[Lil' Rob]
And basically that's what I think 
All this fuckin' fools can talk all the fuckin shit they want about me 
Cause I can give
All I do is get drunk and high
I be fucking nigga's bitches and they be mad as fuck
They be like

Man fuck you niggas
I rob you niggas
I kill you
Word to the pusher, nigga never kept a job
Boobie gave me game
We used to sell dope and rob
I left a stain off in Carol City
My last name should
[Lil Jon]
If you fucking with me, you better get your ass out there
And make that motherfucking money
Rain, sleet or snow
Rob, steal and kill for
Color money

Rob a nigga close to me you better bring it back
Until the day we even steven tell you bring it back
Red rubies on they can't believe
You disrespect me I'm gonna see ya degraded

I'm never scared but I'm thinkin ahead
Because they don't bury the scared man they bury the dead

and do a push up
You smokin' all my purple kush up
Don't make me push and rook up
Get you touched up, I lift my wrist up, yup, yup
Now niggas know Lil
I keep a couple killas 'round me when I move
'Cause I won't really fuck wit' a lot of these dudes
You won't rob me but I might rob you
So, when you
Rather you than me
If you've been fucking with me from Port of Miami
It's been hell of a fucking journey
Ain't nun' changed nigga
Lil' stronger,
Don't come to LA, Nobody fucking with me
I go broke rob fools for their jewelry
Stick yo hand up like you guilty
Doing things that my momma said I
Rob the jewelry store and tell 'em make me a grill
Add the whole top diamond and the bottom row's gold

Yo we bout to start a epidemic wit this one
these niggas
Around here tryna braid they hair
Red and blue, khaki suits
Us lil niggas got active too
From Lincoln Park, back to the Fruits
Us lil
champ by T.K.O. WHAT

Lil Kim and Black Rob, Dame espacio
Man back up off me Dame espacio
Can I get a minute to breathe?
Dame espacio that means give me
all his re-up, now he rob the dice game
Probation violation call his ass the son of Satan
Got these old niggas scared like it's crystal lake and Jason
his act straight, so he turned to rap
He was tryna sell his last ounce, then out comes the gat
Man, they tried to rob him, tried to take that niggaz
I flip and scrip 9 minute EF three 
Playin by different bitches 'cause my face in the paper 
Profile done although she couldnt describe me I got