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[Rick Ross (J. Holiday)]
You Might need a passport for this one
Its international
(And we got a special guess)
Guess who, boss!
[Intro - Tech N9ne (Taken from S.H.E.)]
I got the idea to do this next one right after the S.H.E. shit happened
So my nigga Kaliko came through
on the dance floor 
Wrestling in jello" 
And the joint was jammin' 
From the pumpin' by the D.J. 
They were rappin' and clappin' 
When up steps Little Sheba

Check it. Pass it over here nigga, ha ha ha. Check it out, check it 



Yo, my name is J-Ro, I'm from the 8-1-8,
Beat mot
Game on it
Where ya at
Old school
I'ma take you way back
Waaaay back
Yo Yo
As it goes a little something like this

Verse One:
Ticket, bought a ticket
Flew in from J.A. and we go ribbit
All year holiday, home in the sun
Had to find work so I came to England

Cheeeaaaaaa burn one
Zaytoven on da track imma burn one
Its the mixtape nigga burn one
If you eva try gucci mane you might burn one huh

(David Banner)

It's ya boy David Banner

I'ma see if I can bring tha Gangsta Walk back

Memphis, Mississipi, Everybody from tha South
A violent takeover, the modern J. Hova
Cannot be tempted by no type payola
Colder than the Polar, your bling-bling is over
Fuck all you fake Costra Nostras
(Rakim: "Across a hundred and tenth street--
it's hell up in's hell up in Harlem...")

"Ahh yeah!!!
Tone Capone and J. Nitty
the hood
So meet me by the menorah lets get drunk [x2]

J J J Just a little story about last Christmas
About some bad kids who were full of wishes
We gave
shlass j’lui fais les contours
Drive-by en tonnerre mécanique, coup d’casque, coup d’clé à molette
Que les Inrocks aillent se faire coller
Y'aura pas de
[Intro: Method Man]
If you got it, light it up [8X]

[Method Man]
Ain't no shook in 'em, Pyrex pots is hot, fiends is cooking 'em
Little niggaz
they Turner-All by all types of rings and j clothes
I went and got some Ernie Ball strings and a rig for shows
Wig-wearin' hoes love my long solos
this straight and fix your face.
I ain't gotta sell millions. I'm in the buildins
With poppy comin through with them bricks by eight.
Listen cocksucker
[Intro: Captain Save-A-Hoe]
Short, Short, what's up man, this Captain man check this out
I know you and be	-Legit finna get in here and get down
[Intro: Killah Priest]
Yeah, this is life
It's a struggle, it's my pain
Our pain, it's our love
It's our life, it's our struggle

[Chorus: Tragedy
that you a devil by them rhymes you're designin' 
Your play doggin' tactics can't fuck with my facets 
Just because you talk all that glock shit don't
[Intro: Tone (Doug E. Fresh)]
Yo, this Tone the referee, knawhatimean?
And I'm about to bring y'all some history
We got the best of both worlds
[Violent J's Intro]
I choke... nope... that's wack hold up.  
I stab you with an umbrella, 
then open it cause I'm sick like a diseased Ethiopean.
[Fresh Prince - talking before song begins]
Alright we ready?
We rollin, right?
We rollin, alright

[Intro - Fresh Prince - talking]
Yo in
[Intro - J-Kwon - talking]
Ay world, this Streets 101
I'm fin' to give you a half a pound of J-Kwon
And a quarter bird of TrackBoy music

[Hook -
Lubriderm, time took to write this
The war will be fought by the righteous
Who stand criticized by his un Alikeness
Knowledge is the truth and it's
Hostyle Gospel. Boasting only in the cross.
It Jesus time. It?s time to mean mug Satan.

Holy Spirit guide my words, because the gospel is
(feat. Ashanti)
[18 second intro about the Bible]
[Ja Rule]
Yeah, yeah (woo!) woo (we here, geah)
See'mon (we ain't goin nowhere, see'mon)