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one by one

No return from 213
Within these walls
I own your soul
Surrender now
Zombie to be

My struggle for complete control
Has transcended
[Intro: Snoop Dogg]
This is a DJ Whoo production
In conjunction with Doggystyle Records and 213

[Verse 1: Warren G]
I need a ride or die groupie
[Snoop Dogg]
Yeah! It's the motherfucking 213
Blasting off on your ass
Something funky funtabolous
Can you dig it my bobble?
Check this out one time,
5-1-0 and 2-1-3 is you a baller or a G?

Ha ha ha. 
To thug or not to thug? 
To G or not to G? 
See that's the question. 
Every time
Nigga almost died tryna get some weed
So don't be fooled by the palm trees
This Compton nigga, that 310
That 213, we on Death Row
Ain't no one escape
and self-hate is my birth-right, see?
Fratricide, homicide, suicide, genocide,
they want to kill the niggasand wetbacks silently.
Fueled by hate, fear
I can tell by the way you watch me
I like the way that you walk
I like the way that you talk
Oh what that accent does to me
Yeah I still claim 213
And call my friends
But the phone's doing that echo thing
And when you hear it
When you hear yourself
You're so embarrassed by the sound
Of your own
since I could remember
I had friends I could depend on
Clothes to lend 'em
But as time went by
My life got a little strange
And the rules of the game
Pre>capo at 4 intro: em am (twice)

Em am em am
Weeping statues elvis sightings visitations man struck by lightning
Em am em am
Everyday someone gets

[Snoop Dogg]
"Welcome to tha Church: Volume II"
Exclusive 213
(Uh hah hah, uh hah hah)
Got my nephew Nate Dogg
Pre>intro: (fiddle over) g / see / d / d (twice)

G see g see g
She walks through the field, walks in the heat through the field
G see g see d
Yeah, that's what I'm talkin about
Sounds real dramatic, like somethin's comin
Got that real intro type vibe to it
Enough of this smooth
by some hot shells?
Imagine being tossed around and put in jails
Imagine life when you can't get from under
Imagine niggaz at ya when you done fo'
Lord of foulness swallow me
Intro your morbid world of darkness
Sickening harp rasps accompany
My voyage of damnation

Unchain the soul
a 40ounce from kem with liqueur
Slide by millennium book
One more spot to hit before it gets dark
Lake sure we drive
Slip till we slide
a 40ounce from kem with liquor
Slide by millennium book
One more spot to hit before it gets dark
Lake sure we drive
Slip till we slide
Then get my a 40ounce from kem with liquor
Slide by milenium book

One more spot to hit before it gets dark
Lake sure we drive
Slip till we slide
Written by: Doug Supernaw/Lonnie Alkinson
Performed by:Doug Supernaw on "Red and Rio Grande"

One lone star waving in the wind
A longhorn
Studio orchestra
Vocal by vaughn monroe
Intro by orchestra. then;
Hawaiian sunset, blue shadows falling,
Hawaiian magic, and lovely you.
Pre>intro e a e a

E a e a d be
If you got a will of iron and a heart of fire
E a e a d be
You might try to stop the world and catch your soul desire
a[C]gain you have messed up [G]this old [Em]town
[C]get down [D]river, get


To the far side of town's where I want to go,
Pre>a lot of people helped with the lyrics, notably william wittman.
Thanks ww and everybody!

Intro: g#m c#m g#m c#m ebm g#m

G#m c#m g#m c#m ebm
versions may include an intro:
Spending these lonesome evenings with nothing to do
But to live in dreams that I make up all by myself
Dreaming that you're
Pre>intro riff the high notes are f# g be f# g see

The chords appear to be em cmaj7 e see then em cmaj7 3 times

Em cmaj7 d em
Every street is