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A very pleasant good evening ladies and gentlemen
It is now time
The one and only
There never will be another
Christina Aguilera
That's how music
So thank you for standing right by me, I thank you for everything
So thank you for being behind me, thank you, Christina
And watching me grow
Christina Millian 
Chuck B. Moore, Murder Inc.

[Chorus: Christina Milian]
Spending time with you (yeah yeah yeah)
Makes me
slapped him
Then sold the shit to Paul Micartney, then I double-taxed him
The chrome Desert Eagle convinced him and relaxed him
Christina Aguilera came
West there's no good cla**es, and that's what yo' a** get
Not even electives? Not even prerequits?
You mean I missed my major by a couple of seconds?
classes, and that's what yo' ass get
Not even electives? Not even pre-requits?
You mean I missed my major by a couple of seconds?
Now I'm in the shop
* first single; send corrections to the typist


[DJ Petey Pablo]
Lets take some calls from the request line, caller number 1

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the I.E. 
Bounce to the beach and meet up with my peach (mwah) 
Christina Aguilera sittin naked by the seas 
Hit her off quick out to see Jessica 
back by popular demand and shit
Niggaz want the crown but can't handle it
This rap game's getting scandalous
I done lost my best friend in Los Angeles
It's back to basics if you're wacked then niggas hate we
got the knack to freak a track like I was printin in some nations
Boy, I'm slipper than
I would change a thing, if I have to live my life all over
Oh... baby, oh girl, I do it all again, if I have to live my life
Live my
[Intro: Ghostface Killah]
Yeah, yeah... we gon' high to this
(The world's crazy, son yeah.. you know)
We gon' high to this (just something about
Dual personality, half me.
Doc Jekyl when I burn your paragraph down to a haiku.
So Tootsie Roll, motherfuck, back to your seat, 'cause I don't
[intro: babyface fensta, (sha-cronz), ]
(these punk-ass niggaz, they ain't ready)
(we made men, haha!)